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Demi Lovato Revealed A Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

A look to try!

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Demi Lovato is starting off 2021 on a very pastel note. After concluding 2020 with a major chop, that came with a surprise undercut, the star was back in the salon, and unveiled her newly colored hair.

On Sunday, January 10, Lovato posted a video selfie of her pastel pink pixie cut. Crediting stylist Amber Maynard Bolt with the style, Lovato posed for a smile, giving followers a clear look at her bubblegum pink coloring. To add to the fun and dramatics of the color, Lovato kept her shaved sides brunette, which she also matched to her eyebrows.

Briefly playing with her shortened hair for the camera, Lovato paired the look with a glossy lip, oversized rose gold glasses, and a leopard print coat. Her cheeks were also flushed with color, and she appeared to have added coats of mascara to both her top and bottom lashes.

The change in color comes as Lovato continues to experiment with her usual hair routine. At one point, her shortened style had been blonde, and parted to the side, and prior to that, she had hosted the People's Choice Awards with long, platinum blonde hair.

It seems likely that Lovato won't be the last celeb to embrace fantasy coloring this year. As hair experts previously told NYLON, the year is expected to be filled with numerous trends, including pastel balayage and fantasy coloring.

See the style for yourself, below.

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