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Dua Lipa’s Dark Hair Is “Back By Popular Demand”

After seeking the input of Instagram, Dua Lipa dyed her hair dark brown.

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Deciding on a new hair color is never easy, which is why Dua Lipa left the choice up to her fans. After asking Instagram followers whether she should color her hair, Dua Lipa listened to the people, and revealed her dark brunette dye job.

Up until now, Dua has been most often spotted with blonde hair, previously wearing a two-toned style that was featured prominently on the cover of her newest album, Future Nostalgia. Two days ago, she did as most anyone would and asked her social media followers whether it was time to make a change. Sharing a selfie from an earlier Dua Lipa era, she asked, "Should I bring her back?"

A little support apparently went a long way, as Dua shared proof of her new, much darker hair on Thursday, July 16, afternoon. "Back by popular demand," she wrote on Instagram. Naturally, she had to take more than one selfie of the updated look, and the "Don't Start Now" singer shared pictures of her hair taken in an elevator and what looks to be a living room.

It's hard to gauge the exact length of the style, as Dua Lipa wore the hair tucked behind her shoulders, but a mirror closeup confirms the color change. Of course, she also made sure her wardrobe for the day was just as stylish, and she shared an outfit picture that captured her pleated pants and white top.

Although many were supportive of the change, it's hard to say how long this color will truly last. Over the last few weeks, the performer has tried everything from a cherry-inspired shade of red to an orange that she likened to the color of a peach emoji. And with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid now officially versed in serving as her hair colorist, Dua Lipa doesn't even need a trip to the salon to make a change.

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