Courtesy of Glossier


Glossier You Solid Perfume is Back By Popular Demand

The well-loved “skin scent” is back in an easily portable form.

What’s better than finally finding your signature scent? Having a signature scent that’s easy to take on the go. Glossier You has been a wildly popular fragrance since its initial launch in October 2017 for its light, yet woodsy and amber-like scent that’s known for adapting to the wearer’s skin chemistry. In spite of the scent’s ongoing popularity, this past year it was even considered one of the viral fragrances of 2021, as it keeps getting discovered by new audiences, especially on TikTok. Because it’s meant to smell different on everyone, You is one signature scent that the world doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

For the past couple of years, the only format Glossier You was available to purchase was in the brand’s classic millennial pink and red-capped bottle for $60, but now the travel-friendly solid form is back. The original Glossier You Solid in its adorable egg-like metal compact was initially discontinued in 2019. At the height of its demand during the product’s original run, one was sold every 9.5 minutes. The Solid perfume is the perfect partner product to the eau de parfum, as it has a slightly subtler scent which is more complementary to wearing on the skin. For the much awaited 2022 relaunch, Glossier wanted to out do itself with a few fancy upgrades. The newly launched Glossier You Solid is now a completely vegan formulation and the pink swivel compact is now refillable, for many more uses and lower restock price per purchase. It’s still the same You you’ve come to know and love, only now it fits in your pocket.

Be sure to grab the new and improved Glossier You Solid while you still can. The new and improved solid formula and packaging is available for $30 at Refillable solid fragrance trays retail for $20.