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Hailey Bieber’s Green Eyeliner Look Is Perfect For Your Holiday Party

Consider festive eye makeup officially sorted.

Hailey Bieber’s beauty looks are usually fresh and understated. You could even argue that she’s proven herself to be the master of the clean no-makeup makeup look, with dewy skin, natural-looking blush, and minimal eye makeup or lipstick. However, this year she’s also branched out to try a pop of color here and there. In July she posted a photo wearing neon eyeliner stickers, then in November she tried out this season’s moody lipstick trend.

Hailey’s most recent makeup look combines her newfound experimentation with colors with her usual classic beauty looks—and it’s also extremely festive. Yesterday, makeup artist Nikki Wolff posted Hailey’s “glam moment” on Instagram. The makeup look features brushed-up brows, a peachy neutral lip, warm blush, a lot of mascara, and emerald green winged eyeliner. Hailey visited Nikki during her recent short stay in London with her husband Justin Bieber.

Wolff told Vogue that the look was born after Hailey asked for “something fun and pretty, but comfortable”, but wanting to play around with color. “I lined her eyes with a green pencil liner and then used an iridescent eyeshadow on her eyes – in the middle and inner corners – to create a multidimensional effect,” she said. “To keep it flattering, add a warm eyeshadow tone – something peachy or pinky – into the eye socket.” Wolff applied individual lashes (from her own collection, Sweed Lashes) for the precise babydoll lash look. The overall result was glam, yet soft and wearable.

While the festive season can be the inspiration for many to try more sparkling or shimmering makeup looks, it can sometimes be hard to find the balance between getting in the spirit and overdoing it. Hailey’s deep green eyeliner is a chic way to achieve this for any holiday party. It’s also relatively easy to recreate using your own green eyeliner pencil at home. If you don’t already have one, here’s a couple you can add to your wish list.