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Watch Hailey Bieber Get Ready for a Big Night Out in Just 30 Minutes

Get full glam in a fraction of the time in her latest YouTube video.

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As one of the internet’s latest beauty gurus, Hailey Bieber is back with a brand new YouTube video produced by OBB Pictures. The latest addition to her very popular channel — she’s already hit over one million subscribers — is a classic “Get Ready With Me,” but this time with the help of some very special guests as the young model preps for a big night out.

Sitting pretty and fresh-faced in an ultra-plush white robe, Bieber introduces her viewers to her longtime glam squad that includes celebrity makeup artist Denika Bedrossian, friend and stylist Maeve Reilly, and hairstylist and OUAI founder Jen Atkin. (During this warm introduction, all three stylists and artists share how Bieber’s wedding day was easily the best day of their lives.)

As you can imagine, getting ready for an event like the Met Gala is no easy task to be done alone. “It’s always a big group team effort, which I really love,” Bieber shares. Starting with a game plan, the trio and Bieber get to work by finding what outfit the model will wear for the evening. Being that the video is a quick, under six-minute watch, Reilly and Bieber already had a stunning pink sequined Versace Couture gown picked out.

After the outfit choice is set, Bedrossian and Atkin get right to work on the beauty look for the model. Deciding on a more well-rounded eye look instead of a bold lip and a cool-girl effortless hairstyle, the process can now begin.

In just 30 minutes flat, the team hustles around Bieber sharing different tips and tricks to get her to that usual state of flawlessness. “I’m actually doing an old 1950s hair dresser trick, I put a little sugar in with my water so that it helps to set the hair as I’m blowing it up,” Atkin shares. As for makeup, it doesn’t just stop at the face and neck. “I don’t think people realize how many little details go into the final touches,” Bedrossian mentioned as she was buffing highlighter onto Bieber’s body. “We have to shine the cuticles and the hands, the collarbone — we have to get all those little bits and bops in there.”

Getting ready in 30 minutes can be challenging for anybody, but add in three-plus extra sets of hands touching your face, body, and hair, and it can seem taxing. “I’ve had times where I’ll be in hair and makeup where so many people are touching me at once that I get really, really overwhelmed, and it starts to give me bad anxiety,” Bieber admits.

Below, see for yourself how Mrs. Bieber does it all and get a glance at her final glam look.

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