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Haus Labs Launched Blush And Bronzer For a Year-Round Glow

The brand's Global Artistry Director Sarah Tanno spoke with NYLON about its first complexion products.

Enabling both makeup artists, aspiring pop stars, and your everyday makeup lover to look and feel their best, Haus Laboratories, the beauty brand of pop superstar Lady Gaga, is adding another major product to an already extensive lineup. For the first time in its relatively new brand history, Haus Labs turned its attention to the face, unveiling blush, highlighter, and bronzer.

On October 6, Haus Labs will release Head Rush — a blush and highlighter duo — and Heat Spell — a bronzing and highlighter duo. Both products retail for $26, and will be available online. The blush comes in seven duo sets, and the bronzer comes in five. Both feature a buildable, cushion matte formula that's cruelty-free and vegan.

The blush is intended to seamlessly fit in with the rest of the Haus Labs family, and as Sarah Tanno, Haus Labs Global Artistry Director, told NYLON, the brand wants to be known for having colorful products. The advent of both the bronzer and blush was largely inspired by an element in the Haus Labs family that Tanno and Gaga felt were missing. "We needed a product for complexion, that really speaks to us, and gives us the versatility to warm up the look, and completely finish the face," she said. "We had nothing for the face, and this is a product that really completes that look."

To get your own moment of Gaga-inspired complexion perfection, Tanno noted that you can use the face products in a number of ways, including Gaga's preferred method of lightly glazing the cheek with highlighter. She suggested wearing the blush solo, or layering on color to get a more washed finish. To properly apply the highlighter, she suggested smiling, and then applying to the apples of your cheeks. However, she noted that as with any makeup, there is no right or wrong way to apply, and application always comes down to with what makes you feel comfortable.

When it comes to the bronzers, Tanno suggested applying above the cheekbone, across the nose, and underneath the jawline. "They're not so warm that you can't use them as a contour product," she said. "Gaga actually likes to use it more to contour her skin, and and she sweeps it under the cheekbone, jawline, and forehead."

Taking a cue from Lady Gaga's preferred method of application, I started with a dusting of blush on the cheeks. As Tanno had said, the formula was buildable, and in testing out multiple shades, I found that I could easily apply a small amount of color for the slightest flush, or I could add more and look blushed without overdoing it. Each blush is paired with a highlighter, and instead of my usual highlighter application method — wildly covering my face with shimmer — I smiled and applied only to the apples of my cheeks. The resulting look was truly as glowy and dewy as Tanno had promised.

The art of contour application has long alluded me, and as someone with a skin tone equivalent to that of a vampire from the Twilight franchise, I was particularly excited about digging into the bronzers. I was careful to use a lighter shade of product, and only slightly dusted my face in the areas approved by Mother Monster herself. I did like the finished look, and while it was literally my first time trying bronzer, I do think I'd try the product again, especially in a few months when winter settles in.

In a true test of both products, I did wear them under a mask for a number of hours. I found that the makeup withstood the sweat and rubbing of my mask, and once I removed my mask, the makeup still looked freshly applied.

As is the case with any beauty brand, the fun in each of Haus Labs's launches is the ability to create. Apply as little or as much as you want of the product, and it's comforting knowing that both Tanno and Gaga have your back, creating products that anyone, of any skill level can enjoy. Gaga has long used makeup as a means of making a statement, sending a message, and having fun, and each of the Haus Labs products brings that energy to life.

"From the very beginning of this brand, Gaga and I wanted Haus Labs to be accessible," Tanno told NYLON. "We want to take the things that we've learned doing makeup together, and being passionate about being artistic and creative, and using makeup as a tool of self-expression, and figure out a way where any makeup user can have the tips and tricks that we had so that it's easier for you. We're really excited to be a brand that you could go to for color, and to really express yourself, and feel brave."