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Kylie Jenner’s Latest Manicure Features Instagram’s Favorite Nail Art Trend

The summer of clashing continues.

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The summer of clashing nail art continues. The latest Instagram trend of sporting colorful nail art that isn't meant to match has received a powerful celebrity backing, with Kylie Jenner debuting her mix and match summer manicure.

No stranger to outfitting her nails with the latest in nail art, Jenner revealed her pastel-printed nails on Instagram. For this mani, Jenner chose a different design for each nail, mixing orange abstract lines with pink polka dots, black squiggly shapes, and what look to be tiny eyes.

Outfitting her manicure with a selection of sparkly rings, Jenner posed with both hands clearly visible for the photo. Racking up more than 4 million likes on Instagram, the manicure photo also received the comment support of Jenner's brother, Rob Kardashian, and her followers.

Jenner's manicure comes as Instagram continues to embrace the art of clashing nails. To get the look, artists have chosen individual designs for each nail, used different nail coloring for each hand, and paired clashing patterns together. Other social media favorites included pairing negative space with a bold pattern.

As for Jenner's take on the look, she also incorporated another popular choice in manicure art — abstract, geometric shapes. Copying the look for your own mani requires embracing your inner artist and getting unique with your painting choices. However, for those that prefer a bit of assistance with their artwork, there are plenty of nail art stickers and press-on options that will give you a similar look.

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