Instagram’s New Favorite Nail Trend Is All About Clashing

Finally, a nail trend for the indecisive.

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Forever gone are the days in which every aspect of your nail art has to be perfectly coordinated. Mix-and-match manicures have officially taken off on Instagram, appearing on the nails of celebs and amateur nail artists alike. The trend is all about embracing your inner artist, encouraging you to give each nail, or hand, a distinct personality.

Over time, the trend has been steadily rising in popularity, and even recently appeared on the nails of Kylie Jenner. Unlike your traditional nail set, mix-and-match manis feature an array of colors, with DIY nail artists choosing to pair contrasting colors and clashing prints.

Other Instagram favorites have included a mani set that incorporated multiple nail trends, including negative space and animal print, for one manicure, and a colorful rainbow French tip manicure that didn't align its coloring.

In order to get the look, you need only pack in as much color or pattern as you wish. There's truly no rules when it comes to this particular manicure style, and there is surely no shortage of inspiration. What's more, this particular art looks good on nails of all lengths. For those that prefer press-on nails, you could also easily DIY the look by pairing multiple sets.

For those moments when you absolutely can't decide on a manicure, you no longer have to, just get out all of your nail stickers and polishes, and create a set that's expressive as you.

Get some nail art inspiration for your own mix-and-match manicure, below.

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