21 Libra Tattoos For The Most Well-Balanced Sign Of The Zodiac

Thoughtful ideas for the considerate Libra.

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The autumn equinox has passed, which can only mean it is officially Libra season. The start of these two seasons coincide, properly endowing the seventh zodiac sign as the true baby of Fall. We couldn’t be happier to celebrate them as we do the return of sweaters, plaid, and dark nail polish. If you are or have a Libra in your life you know just how amazing and fair this air sign is, and thus, this zodiac sign’s tattoo inspiration must be just as balanced and practical they are.

These air signs are very particular with whom they share their inner selves. For most Libra’s finding that inner sense of balance doesn’t come from switching sides on life, but rather finding a larger sense of harmony. They wish to find an inner peace and balance in their lives and in turn, project it onto the world.

This zodiac sign follows after Virgos, before them, similarly striving for perfection and ultimately being a bit indecisive. People pleasing tendencies, often make decisions tough. But with that being said, you can bet that any Libra who has a tattoo didn’t just come to that decision flippantly.

We know how trying these choices can be and we’re here to help. We’ve gathered a bunch of Libra tattoo inspiration that speak to the Libra personality far beyond just the scales. Everything from the zodiac constellation to bluebells to balance-themed, we’ve thought of a ton of ways to honor your inner Libra.

Libra Symbol

Especially for first-timers, going for your zodiac symbol is a very simple and easy way to get over the needle hump.

The Scales

Libras are the only sign of the zodiac that is represented by an object rather than an animal or person. The scales are unique and a true symbol to Libra babies for who finding balance and fairness in life will always be a part of their core values.


The Bluebell is the Libras birth flower. If you want a tat that speaks to your zodiac without writing it out, opt for your birth flower for a more dainty and feminine touch.


Another easy way to honor your zodiac sign is by showing off your astronomical knowledge with a constellation tattoo. While it may be obvious to the Libra in you, it won’t necessarily be to others.

Grey Wolf

The grey wolf is a Libra’s most identified with animal. They too, are pack animals that prefer to move in groups, pairs, or packs, but always let intelligence and loyalty lead the way.

Balance, Peace & Harmony

A Libra’s sense of balance is also synonymous with peace and harmony. If you want to take another path from the balanced scales iconography, these tattoos still pay homage to your even-keeled senses.

Goddess of Justice

Scales can be secondary to Lady Justice. The Libra woman is often depicted be seen as as the Goddess of Justice or Venus, as that is the planet Libra is ruled by. These tattoo ideas lean towards the more romantic and feminine.

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