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LILHUDDY Just Dropped a Punk Inspired Nail Sticker Collab with Glamnetic

He says his signature colors are lilac and black.

LILHUDDY is not only here to usher in an era of pop punk music to Gen Z, he is now officially entering the beauty influencing space.

With nearly 32 million followers on TikTok, over 11 million followers on Instagram, and hot off of the release of his single “Don’t Freak Out” featuring iann dior, Tyson Ritter, and Travis Barker, the musician has also somehow found time to collaborate with Glamnetic on a collection of 10 gel nail sticker designs.

With this collaboration you can wear matching manicures with the 21st century vampire, himself. The gel stickers make it particularly easy to rock a unique punk-inspired design on every finger without the frustration of traditional nail art. You simply apply a nail sticker in appropriate size to your nail, shape it to your nail length, and cure it with Glamnetic’s UV lamp. In minutes you can have a complete manicure of intricate stars, skulls, bats, and more. For the less daring, there’s also a set that will give you a perfect jet black mani that won’t chip for up to three weeks.

Each set is now available for $19.99 on Inside each kit you’ll find 20 gel nail stickers in 10 inclusive sizes, with an alcohol pad, cuticle stick and a customized nail file with for seamless application. (The UV lamp is sold separately for $15.99.)

Ahead of the launch, NYLON talked with LILHUDDY and CEO an Co-Founder of Glamnetic Ann McFerran about how they created the perfect selection of punk designs.

How did the collaboration come about?

LILHUDDY: Black nails are a signature part of my look, but having to paint them on all of the time wasn’t always the easiest, and there were no nail stickers in the market with designs that matched my style or actually stuck on. Collabing with Glamnetic was a no-brainer. It was so fun to work with their product development team to design a collection that showcases my personality and style. They have made it so easy to rock my look 24/7, and will help so many others to do so, also.

Ann McFerran, CEO and Co-Founder of Glamnetic: We saw LILHUDDY was really into nails and that he was a trendsetter in the social media space who was really leading the movement for men wearing nails and looking cool AF doing it.

When did you first start wearing nail polish and nail art?

LILHUDDY: I first started wearing nail polish when I went to LA for the first time. I had a couple friends talk me into trying out black nail polish. I had never tried it before then and I didn’t know much about it, but I grew up with two sisters who are always painting their nails.

Nails can match your style, outfit, mood, brand, and look and really pull everything together, even with the smallest details.

What was most important when creating the designs?

LILHUDDY: I had to have some purples and some pinks and I had to have an animal print set. My signature colors are black and lilac so I wanted to include a lot of those colors.

AM: LILHUDDY loved the punk rock and grunge aesthetics and especially loved purple since that’s his signature color so that became the color theme for the entire collection.

How did you choose what the 10 different styles would be?

AM: LILHUDDY had a vision of the vibe and particular references and styles he wanted us to put in– like the skin on his snakes, his tattoos, references to songs, and other important moments in his life. We iterated the designs several times before the we made the final ones. He was really particular about how he wanted these to look and that’s why it took over a year for us to get to the final product. Since most of the kits have a different design on every nail, that’s over 100 individual designs we had to perfect.

LILHUDDY: I had to think of a bunch of different colors that spoke to me and designs that spoke to my personality, but also I wanted to include colors and designs that I thought my fans would like. I wanted something for everyone. It took a while and lot of concept planning.

What is your favorite or most worn design in the collection?

LILHUDDY: I wear “Big Brain” a lot because it has the most going on. But the designs in the set speak to my personality and some even have my tattoos featured on them as well.

What’s your favorite thing about using gel nail stickers over regular polish?

LILHUDD: Regular nail polish cracks and gets messed up easily, the press on sets I get stay on for multiple weeks without any issues.

AM: First, the gel nail stickers have intricate laser printed designs on them. If you were to try to paint this on with polish, not only would it take you hours to do but it’ll also not be perfect. Secondly, with our gel nail stickers, you can cure them under UV light and they function just like gel nails and can last up to three weeks. Lastly, it takes minutes to apply.

Do you have a favorite or unique way to style the collab stickers?

AM: I always mix and match the Glamnetic x LILHUDDY Collection gel nail stickers. I go in not really having a plan on which styles I will wear on what finger and come out of it with the coolest mix of them, and they’re unique every time.

LILHUDDY: I love to mix and match the designs. I use a lot of the same decks so that I’m able to show each nail set off individually to show how cool they are.

Courtesy of Glamnetic
Courtesy of Glamnetic
Courtesy of Glamnetic
Courtesy of Glamnetic