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Lil Nas X Has A New Platinum Blonde Twist Out For Summer

He really does make it look like blondes have more fun.

It’s not new information that Lil Nas X has an incredible sense of humor and amazing style. We’ve loved seeing him try out different beauty looks on the red carpet, including his face gems at the 2021 Met Gala or a full-on mullet at the 2021 MTV VMAs. But now, he’s playing with a new bright hair color and an exciting new ’do. Over the weekend, Lil Nas X debuted a brand new blonde twist out, complete with a hilarious TikTok tutorial. In the video he shares, “step 1: get noodles”, showing off a plastic container of curly-looking instant noodles; “step 2: bring them to a boil”; and finally, “step 5: slayyy😍😍”. In the final part of the video he shakes out his long, platinum blonde hair, clearly loving his new look.

If you’re unfamiliar, a twist out hairstyle is styled by first creating twists with the help of a defining cream while hair is wet, which then are unraveled after hair is dry—usually after drying overnight or even after a couple days. The size of the twists determine if the curls will be bomb loose waves or gorgeously defined curls.

Lil Nas X has always shown his comfort trying new colors and styles with his hair. Whether is was the fiery red or icy blue updo from his music video for “Montero”, to the almost-white afro seen in “Sun Goes Down”, we are not surprised the artist continues to experiment with his look. While the twist out is defined, flowing, and the vibrant sunny color also looks great on him great on him, capturing our attention. We’ve never seen Ramen noodles look so good.

Maybe the artist was poking fun at himself, or maybe he knows how to use his style to call attention to an even bigger purpose being a vibrant advocate this Pride month. It’s no secret Lil Nas X is always pushing to the envelope when it comes to his artistic expression and urge for acceptance in all spaces while consistently serving looks doing it. In his Instagram post carousel revealing his new look on the platform, Lil Nas X also shares a photo of himself holding a picket sign of the late Marsha P. Johnson— a legendary gay rights activist and most remembered for their involvement in the Stonewall Uprising.. Either way, we are loving Lil Nas X new look and the light he brings to all things.