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MAC Cosmetics Revived This Fan-Favorite Lip Product

Here’s more proof that the ‘00s are back!

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The beauty industry’s love for all things Y2K continues, with the reintroduction of a once popular MAC Cosmetics product. Back in the ‘00s, MAC unveiled Squirt, a lime green Lip Glass that gave you the glossy lips of your Lizzie McGuire-inspired dreams. Years later, and Squirt is back, with a new look and formula.

MAC Underground, an extension of the MAC Cosmetics brand focused on hyper-speed limited-edition drops, will release the balm on April 21. Available in limited quantities, this reimagined product, described as a gloss meets balm, will retail for $21.

When it made its ‘00s debut, Squirt came in a neon green shade that, when applied, appeared in differing hues depending on the individual. The previous Lip Glass formula occasionally showed up as a clear high shine, while others experienced a caramel honey. The 2021 version swaps out its Lip Glass beginnings for a balm, and while the lime green shade returns, it will now appear as a honey-hued glaze that adds sheen to the lips.

Formulated with a lightweight, non-sticky formula, Squirt also plumps the lips, thanks to its inclusion of ginger root extract, capsicum, and menthol crystals. The addition of coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil takes care of nourishing the lips.

Eva Yean, Senior Vice President, Global Product Development at MAC Cosmetics, told NYLON that the brand is continually seeking out new ways of beauty innovation. “Squirt Balm provided us with a great opportunity to modernize an OG fan favorite that we get so many requests to bring back, it was beloved by our artists, with a fresh new look and feel in an addictive formula,” she said.

Although Squirt got its start in the ‘00s, Yean shared her tips for modernizing the look, saying, “This is a product that you can really dress up or down... I have a prediction that most people will be so hooked that they will also use it as a first step as well before layering any other MAC lippie on top.”

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