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Machine Gun Kelly Dyed His Tongue For The Billboard Music Awards

Paint it black.

Leave it to MGK to tackle a new frontier of glam: On Sunday night, he arrived at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards with his tongue apparently dyed black.

No stranger to candy-colored hair or an elaborate manicure (he also wore an abstract checkerboard design by celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce to the awards show), MGK is the reigning king of the unexpected beauty moment.

Prior to the awards, he teased a “special accessory for tonight” on his Instagram story, showing a gloved hand swabbing his tongue with the black dye. According to celebrity men’s groomer Sonia Lee, who worked with MGK for the awards, there was special FX artist present to create the desired look. It reportedly only took about a minute to complete the process.

Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

Don’t be too worried about MGK, who took home the award for Top Rock Album that night. Lee shared that dye was “all natural and [made with] safe ingredients.” Pulling off this look does appear to require professional assistance, so we don’t recommend that you try this at home with DIY methods.

How do these wild looks come together, you might ask? “Mostly MGK has an idea, and we all deliver the best we can,” says Lee of collaborating with the rest of the glam team for the evening.

No word on whether his new “ink” transfers, but we’ll just leave this here so you can take your best guess.

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images