MAC's Limited-Edition Bronzer Collection Proves Summer Isn't Dead

The perfect balance of a dewy glow and sun-kissed skin.

Even if you're anticipating a summer spent mostly indoors, the new MAC Cosmetics Bronzer Collection will ensure that you get sun-kissed color one way or another. Launching on June 1, the limited-edition collection comes complete with a full summer lineup of essentials for the eyes, lips, face, and body, each formulated to take dewy, glowing, and tanned skin to the next level.

For the body, the collection sees the Strobe Body Lotion in Bronzelite as its hero — an all-over moisturizer that lends a subtle bronze glow while softening and soothing the skin. For the face, MAC is bringing back beloved and upgraded formulas — including the Fix+ hydrating setting spray, the Radiant Matte Bronzing Powder, and the 143SES Medium Face Fan Brush — along with a brand new product called the Strobe Face Glaze, a face gloss that plays well over foundation or on bare skin.

The Bronzer Collection also includes Foiled Shadows, four rich shades of metallic shimmer eye shadows, and two sets of formulas for the lips, both available in five shades, ranging from vibrant oranges to golden nudes, and lipglass available in pinky corals and warm reds.

If you've been turned off by bronzing and tanning products of the past (see: early aughts), you're not alone. But according to MAC's Senior National Artist Michelle Clark, this collection was formulated to give you a reassuring experience.

"The concept of bronzing can be intimidating, fear lying in the idea of looking too obvious or uneven," Clark tells NYLON, noting that the collection leans on a unique baked, talc-free formulation of translucent pigments to create just the right balance of subtle glow and tan. For the easiest application, Clark advises applying the Strobe Body Lotion in the shape of the number three on your body. "Starting on the forehead in the center at the hairline, and gently sweep across and down onto the tops of the cheekbones, then finish off the '3' by sweeping across the jawline. Repeat this on the other side for sun-kissed perfection."

Check out highlights from the campaign below, and shop MAC's Bronzer Collection when it launches on June 1 at