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Megan Thee Stallion Returns to Social Media With a New Natural Look

Her latest ’do is a first for the iconic Hot Girl.

Megan Thee Stallion has finally returned to the social media universe. After taking a little over a month-long hiatus from posting her regular content, she’s made her way back to the ‘gram—this time wearing big, bouncy curls.

The Houston Hottie finally posted a casual photo of herself to Instagram on Monday (June 7). In typical Hot Girl™ fashion, Megan was wearing a very sexy cobalt blue triangle bikini. However, it was her beauty look that caught some unexpected attention. The image shows Meg with a fresh face and her hair in cascading natural kinks. The caption reads “While I was away”.

If you keep up with the rapper, you know she’s usually seen in avant-garde wigs that are laid to perfection. Because it’s been some time since we’ve seen her post a candid photo, one might have expected her reentry to social media to be a return to form in wild length or bold colored wig. Instead, Megan pulled a 180˚ turn towards a more low-key version of glamour—we’re picking up on 1970s Diana Ross and Chaka Khan vibes. Serving up body and hair, her fans were overly excited to finally see her back to Instagram, especially with natural-looking hair.

Towards the end of January, the rapper announced she was starting a natural hair care journey. Over the course of this year, she’s posted several videos of her progress using Mielle Organics haircare products—specifically the Rice Water Collection, which this beauty writer absolutely loves. While we’ve observed her hair grow and change over time, fans are speculating if all that fabulous hair is actually hers. Plenty of people in the comments are suggesting it could be a wig or that she’s wearing clip-ins for fullness.

Nevertheless, she still looks fantastic and we’re beyond happy to see her thriving. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more natural hair styles from the Hot Girl soon. Below, take a look at her return to Instagram.