How To Accomplish A Flawless Fall Manicure At Home, According To One Of LA’s Buzziest Nail Salons

See Olive & June's new fall collection in action.

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Still honing in on your at-home manicure skills? The newest nail collection from Olive & June hopes to make that easier, packed with six new shades hitting on the most popular nail polish colors of fall 2020. Released just as the popular nail polish brand celebrates its seventh birthday, the Olive & June fall collection features the season's trendiest hues, including warm neutrals and a soft, subtle green.

Officially launched on August 21, the collection features colors named after DIY mani experts. There's HGC, a creamy toasted neutral named for Alisa Emmel; LD, a rosy-hued neutral named for Lauren Davis; JJ, a warm cinnamon brown that gets its namesake from Juliana Joel; and JO, a sandy apricot named after Jasmine Ou. Rounding out the sweater weather-inspired collection is a warm terracotta named MG for Maddy Gutierrez, and WKF, a cool mossy green that gets its inspiration from Katie Moser.

All six colors will retail individually, as a group, and in Olive & June's signature Nalfie Ready box. The special-edition box includes all six shades, as well as tools needed to get your most Instagram-worthy nails, including cuticle serum, a nail polish remover pot, and flat-edge clippers.

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To make the most out of your at-home manicure moments this fall, Davis — the inspiration behind the collection's LD shade — shared with NYLON her tips on how to get salon-quality results all on your own, which you can follow along with below.

Contrary to popular belief, Davis suggests you begin the process by shaping the nail — not soaking off polish. "Always shape with your old polish on (if you have it on), as it helps you see the final shape better. Let your clipper do 90 percent of the work, file the last 10 percent," she said.

Lauren Davis/Olive & June
Courtesy Lauren Davis/Olive & June

From there, you want to remove old polish. Start by gently pushing back your cuticles with your thumb, and use gentle circular motions to buff away dead skin and any pesky peels or ridges, Davis explained. After that, remove your polish.

To get a true fall, dusty shade of pink, Davis decided to use the shade LD from Olive & June's fall box. "Paint thin coats, with two to three strokes per nail. For best results, let each coat dry as much as possible in between each coat," she said. The key to ensuring longevity with your color is a final coat of top coat, and Davis further suggested reapplying every two to three days to really make your manicure last.

Courtesy Lauren Davis/Olive & June
Courtesy Lauren Davis/Olive & June

Looking for more fall-inspired nail tutorials? Stay tuned to @oliveandjune's Instagram Live for a week long Mani Bootcamp kicking off Sunday, August 23rd.

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