Courtesy of Ouai


Ouai Released A New Collection Just For Your Hands

Prepare to see this trio all over your Explore page.

Forever modernizing your haircare shelf with its sleek line of celebrity-approved hair products, Ouai is officially ready to take over your sink, purse, and skin. The line of styling products, founded by Jen Atkin, is moving into skin and haircare, with the release of three new products — hand créme, hand lotion, and hand wash.

Continuing its minimalistic product packaging design, each product comes in a white bottle, and the perfectly-sized containers can easily fit next to your sink, or in the background of your next shelfie snap. Maintaining it's mission of making products that are accessible and affordable, the hand wash and lotion will retail for $32, and the créme will retail for $24.

For a brand that started in the haircare space, a move into hand and skincare might seem surprising, but over time, Ouai has gradually evolved, previously unveiling a line of body care products. Atkin told NYLON that an expansion into hand care was already in the works, but in an era where hand sanitizer and dry skin have become somewhat more common, Ouai decided to push up the arrival date. "Hand has been a big focus this year for everybody," she said. "We already knew aesthetically what we wanted, and it was a natural next progression for the brand."

According to Atkin, the release is more than just a soap or cream that will occupy space on your shelf. Rather, as Ouai has done with each of its past releases, the products are intended to really enhance the act of self-care into something beautiful. "We're so connected to our houses now more than ever before," Atkin said. "I wanted to make sure that it was something that felt quiet, soft, and pretty...We worked on making sure that it felt really soft to the touch, felt really chic, and really fit well with the products that you'd have in your bathroom and your shower."

On top of looking pretty — wherever you decide to place the products — each item comes with beneficial ingredients. The hand wash, featuring the brand's citrus and floral Dean Street fragrance — contains rosehip oils and avocado, which moisturizes hands, while the lotion — also scented with Dean Street — features the same ingredients, alongside jojoba oil for hydration and nourishment. As for the créme, its balm formula has coconut oil and shea butters, making for a softening routine that comes without post-use greasy residue.

With this hand care collection and a recent collab with Byredo Ouai is already looking towards the future. The category the brand conquers next remains a mystery for now, but Atkin isn't ruling anything out. "I think it's exciting to see what we can do next," Atkin said. "We have a motto of coloring outside the lines, and not feeling like we have to be put in a box, which is really, really fun."

Courtesy of Ouai