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Peace Out’s New Acne Serum Targets Mask Pimples

A true skincare savior.

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The brand behind one of social media's favorite pimple patches is officially expanding into topical skincare products. Peace Out Skincare has unveiled its first Acne Serum, and it's full of ingredients that will take care of your worst zits.

Previously releasing a collection of patches and pads that target specific skincare woes ranging from dark spots to wrinkles, Peace Out's newest product is the brand's debut into topical treatments. Available through Peace Out's website and Sephora, the serum retails for $34, and inside the peach-hued tube is a serum packed with acne fighting ingredients.

The lightweight serum, which is intended to be applied twice a day, features two percent Salicylic Acid, which will help your skin produce less oil and cleanse your pores. Joining the serum in its quest to forever rid your face of pesky pimples is Niacinamide and Vitamin C, which brighten skin and reduce redness, as well as Triluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica Extract, which moisturizes, hydrates, and supports clean, healthy skin.

Launching officially on July 6, the serum has already amassed massive social media support, with followers of the brand declaring their immediate need for the product. And as Peace Out notes, the serum also comes just in time to solve your most immediate summer skincare woe, including acne caused by mask-wearing and blemishes caused by the heat of summer. See the brands full announcement, below.

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