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6 Shades Of Red Hair To Consider For 2023

You heard right, the red hair trend isn't going anywhere.

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After a number of celebrities made the switch to red hair in 2021, we knew fiery colors were having a moment, but we didn’t expect the hold the color would have on hair trends all throughout 2022. It felt like almost every major celebrity had their own dalliance with the trend. Call it the Ice Spice effect, but this year we saw the likes of Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, and Sydney Sweeney, (amongst many others), dip their toe into the red or orange dye pool.

Matthew Newman—also known as @mattloveshair on TikTok to his 1.2 million followers—says the popularity of red hair was always the “logical next step” after all of the quarantine at-home bleaching. He explains, “By now our DIY money pieces have just about been chopped off, but the remnants are still clinging to our ends. Going red is the perfect way to say goodbye to the traces left behind.” Newman foresees red hair continuing to hold popularity throughout 2023, so if you still haven’t tried red hair, consider this your sign. He recommends people first try the color out with a gloss before fully committing. “That way you can hop on the trend for now and, if you love it, go back for a more permanent formula,” he says. Remember hair grows and colors fade, so what have you really got to lose? “If you walk out of the salon and you’re not in love with your new ginger persona it will be a distant memory by the time spring is here.”

If you’re considering being a redhead in 2023, these are the red hair color shades you’ll want to have on your radar.

Red Hair Color Idea #1: Strawberry Blonde

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Blondes have the easiest time sliding into red tones. Sydney Sweeney’s brief strawberry blonde stint proved that bleached girls can add just subtle warm tones to their hair, but still create a dramatic effect.

Red Hair Color Idea #2: Warm Copper

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Classic reddish copper with warm golden tones will forever be on hair color inspiration boards. This is for those looking to achieve the “natural redhead” look.

Red Hair Color Idea #3: Ice Spice Red

A color so iconic that it’s become the rapper Ice Spice’s signature look. Drawing comparisons to “little orphan Annie”, this bright orange color is the shade for those who are looking to make a statement.

Red Hair Color Idea #4: Barely Auburn

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Newman’s recommendation of using a red hair gloss is ideal for going auburn. A subtle red shimmer makes it easy for dimensional brunettes to incorporating warm orangey tones.

Red Hair Color Idea #5: Maroon Glaze

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This deep red shade will give an effortlessly rich and glossy look to your hair. Even better, it’s a way for those with naturally dark hair to hop on the red trend without bleach.

Red Hair Color Idea #6: Radio Active Red

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This isn’t the shade for someone who’s looking for an understated change, but there’s something so fun playful in taking a hair color trend to its most unexpected extreme. Bleach and heavy maintenance required.

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