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Rihanna’s “No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial Will Put You In A Good Mood

She's got jokes and Fenty Beauty's complete Cheeks Out Collection.

If you've been living vicariously through other people's makeup tutorials (because you have nowhere to go, and makeup isn't cheap), you'll be happy to know that Rihanna has a "no makeup" makeup tutorial that you can add to your queue. Titled "Rihanna's Summer Fenty Face Tutorial," the video posted to the Fenty Beauty YouTube page sees the mogul in a very chill bathroom setup, doing her own makeup while talking to the camera like she's FaceTiming a friend (you, you're the friend).

Starting with a bare face and a few jokes between longtime friend and right hand Jennifer Rosales, Rihanna walks through the stars of the tutorial: the newly launched blushes and bronzers from the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out collection. "These products are really lightweight, and they're also meant to be applied any way you want to, really," she says of the cream-based products, meaning you can use your fingers, beauty blender, or brush — though she notes that she prefers the convenience of a brush. "It's meant to have a marriage with your foundation, your powder, whatever you have on your base. You can use this on your eyes, cheeks, forehead," she explains of the bronzer as she begins to apply it along her cheekbones in an angled line, using the Fenty Beauty Sculpting Bronzer Brush. She goes on to share all of her bronzer tricks — like how to achieve a natural contour, or complement her "big forehead," noting that she uses the shade Hunnie Glaze for the majority of her face, and cooler shade Amber to shadow the contour.

When it comes to blush — the first Fenty Beauty blush ever — Rihanna starts with shade Petal Poppin'. "I like to just pat it on like a little paw," she says of her brush application. "And then I go in a circle to create that little rosy cheek, and drag a little bit up into the jawline." To show the versatility of the product, she uses her other cheek to try out a different shade (Summertime Wine, a deep violet), applying with her fingers. "That is really what this product is all about, the flexibility."

And for those of you wondering about that one intimidating bright purple blush shade, Drama Class, she tries that one out, too. Surprise! It looks really, really good on her — and thankfully for everyone that isn't Rihanna who can pull off anything, the shade looks a lot subtler on the skin.

Reading about Rihanna doing her makeup doesn't nearly do the actual thing justice, so watch the video in full above, and shop the products used in the video, below.

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