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Rihanna’s Pregnancy Skin Care Routine Is Surprisingly Simple

And unsurprisingly Fenty Skin-filled.

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Despite keeping her fans waiting years for an album, it seems Rihanna can do no wrong. Since announcing her pregnancy with ASAP Rocky weeks ago, she’s flipped maternity clothing on its head and given us one iconic fit after another. From crop tops to belly accentuating shapes, the 33-year-old musician has proven herself determined to do navigate pregnancy in style. It comes as little surprise then to hear she has a specialized pregnancy beauty routine.

During a red-carpet interview with Refinery29 for Fenty Beauty last week, RiRi said her skin has been going through a dry patch this winter. “You get those little flakes, so I’m using the Pre-Show Glow to take that off and then start from scratch. It’s a great beauty regimen. You start with that, you go to your toner, you go to your moisturizer, and then at night, you can do a Reset. Sometimes I even use my Reset in the day, just to keep it uber moisturized." No surprise, both products are part of her Fenty Skin range, and the Pre-Show Glow is brand new. It’s a 10% AHA exfoliation treatment which gently smooths skin with chemical exfoliation rather than harsh scrubbing.

In the same interview, RiRi said her go-to makeup item right now is lipstick. “It always has been though, not just now, but especially now. It can change a look, it can make a look, it can transform your feeling,” she told Refinery29. “Because you know, a lot of days, I'm really tired, especially now, but it gets you off the couch, for sure, if you can put on a bomb lipstick and just *snaps fingers* put on a look to go with it."

We don’t know how RiRi does it, but she’s managed to make running a billion-dollar brand while being pregnant look effortless. She also hasn’t ruled out future music releases (which fans will be pleased to hear). As always we’re eager to take her skincare advice and on extra tiring days, you’ll find us reaching for lipstick—whether we’re also pregnant or just feeling exhausted from our imaginary role as RiRi’s baby’s godparent.

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