Selena Gomez
Laurent KOFFEL/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images


Selena Gomez Brought Back Her Oversized Braids

Remembering the good old glam days.

In a new post to her Instagram Story, Selena Gomez gave fans a sneak peek at the double beauty life of a pop star. Sharing some new images from what looked to be a recent photoshoot, Gomez was posed in an all-leather outfit, complete with total glam. However, as she later revealed, not all was as it seems.

Posing in front of an orange car, Gomez was outfitted in a shiny leather jumpsuit. To complete the truly epic look, she wore her hair in a pair of thick, chunky braids. The hairstyle, which dangled down past her shoulders, was paired with a set of equally thick eye wings.

She later posted two additional images. One featured the singer again wearing thick braids, except this time, she wore white sunglasses as a hair accessory. In the second image, her hair was left out, and it hung straight, some pieces placed across her forehead.

The singer didn't yet reveal what the photos might be for, but she did share what she was actually doing while posting. For her final photo, Gomez was seated on the couch, glasses on, and coffee mug in hand. Looking totally cozy, she wrote, "K but real life lol."

Get a look at Gomez's Instagram glam, below.