DJ Duo Simi & Haze Khadra Just Dropped Their First Beauty Line

The DJ and sister duo just launched a brand that helps recreate some of their signature makeup looks.

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With the calendar suddenly filling up with festivals, parties, and more, we’re all forced to reckon with something: we need to start doing our make up to go out again. Just in time, the twin/DJ duo Simi and Haze Khadra launched their eponymous beauty line, SIMIHAZE BEAUTY, with everything you need for an effortless party look.

Hailey Beiber, BLACKPINK, and Kylie Jenner are already noted fans of the EYE PLAY eyeliner stickers that launched earlier this month. The neon and holographic peel-and-stick eyeliner stickers created a lot of hype for the sisters’ upcoming makeup line, and now the full brand launch includes some more classic makeup staples. The Capsule 1 collection consists of VELVET BLUR, a matte lipstick-lipbalm hybrid in 12 shades from a dark maroon to a beige-y nude, LIP TRACE, a creamy lip liner in seven corresponding shades, and SUN FLUSH, a multi-use face tint in five sunny shades.

Over the phone, Simi and Haze tell NYLON, “We’re just so excited to put something out that we're confident about. We had so many options to name it anything else, but we chose SIMIHAZE BEAUTY because this is the thing that we have put all of our heart and soul into.” Now that the brand is finally here, they say, “We're so happy for it to be materialized so people can touch and experience it. And we’re so excited to bring something new to the space because we're not here to add clutter to your life.”

Below, NYLON talks with Simi and Haze about their path to creating their makeup line, their go-to skin and hair care products, and the quest to find the perfect your-lips-but-better lip color.

What was the first beauty product that made you want to wear makeup?

Simi: It was more like a specific lip shade than a product. We would go into Sephora and try to find this shade, like your natural lip color, but just more accentuated and makes you look healthier — like you have a natural, healthy glow. We would experiment with every product and texture in that color. Now have it in our collection and it’s called Windburn. It’s this perfect shade that we have studied over seven or eight years and tried every single brand in that specific color.

Haze: The biggest struggle was finding the texture. So, having one that we literally made from scratch, it's an amalgamation of all the good things that we found in other lipsticks.

When did you start getting into bolder makeup looks?

Simi: We were really late bloomers in the beauty world. I feel like we only became interested in cosmetics when we were 18. First, we would only ever wear lipstick, and then when we were really getting into deejaying we started experimenting with more eye makeup. We just felt that was an important part of our self-expression, in addition to the music that we would play.

Haze: We would always have a makeup artist use really highly pigmented neon colors that we could never find in any makeup stores. One of the main ideas that we had when we started the line was like, "We need to bring the neon makeup looks that we wear while we're deejaying into the mainstream.” We found this idea of the eye stickers and then we wouldn't have to compromise with the colors. The stickers were the perfect solution.


What does your beauty routine look like on the day to day?

Haze: I love looking like I just went on a run or had a day at the beach — something that gives you a healthy look. Our products emphasize those pigments in the skin, I feel like our whole philosophy around beauty has a lot to do with health and looking fresh and glowy versus covering up.

Simi: Well, it depends on daytime and nighttime. For the day, it’s very simple. It doesn't take as long to get ready. It's mascara, Velvet Blur lipstick, a little Sun Flush, and we're out. God forbid, I don't have the Sun Flush, I'll use the lipstick as a blush and as eye shadow. And of course, the proper moisturizer and sunscreen.

Then at night I feel like we always do the same thing. We always do orangey red eyeshadow around our eyes, which now I use the Sun Flush in Blaze. I just use it with a brush and put it around my eyes because I feel like it accentuates my eye color. Then I'll either use that same shade on my cheeks and a little on my nose. Then I'll just put the Velvet Blur or the Lip Trace on at night. Sometimes I'll use a concealer. We've actually developed this incredible concealer in the labs that we've worked for so long on. Down the line I'm excited to make it available for everyone, but for right now, if I use a concealer, it's just our own creation.


Haze: For night, we do the simple thing, which like what Simi was saying, and then we'll add the eye stickers, which is the easiest, best thing. It's been a lifesaver so many times!

Simi: I was actually at a restaurant last week and I didn't know that we were going to go to a party after, and I was like, "Oh, I have my sticker book with me." So I went into the bathroom and I put it on and it was a complete transformation. It made me feel more in the mood to go out.

What are you interested in when it comes to skin care?

Haze: Skincare is also really important to us, which is why we have vegan and hydrating ingredients in all three products. No caking, nothing is clogging, everything is really lightweight. We're more prone to little blemishes and we also don't like the feeling of something heavyweight on our skin.

I always have the handheld LightStim with me. If I ever have any blemishes, that's coming out, I will just put the light on my face for three minutes and I feel like it disappears within a day. It's a mixture of blue and red light. I literally carry it everywhere with me, for like travel and stuff. You can just do it while you're watching TV or just chilling.

What’s are your hair care routines like?

Simi: I have really long hair. I would say it's my most high maintenance thing because I wear it bone straight. I always have my Mason Pearson brush with me and I carry a tiny baby straightener with me whenever. I have bangs too, so if you have bangs you know they just have a mind of their own. I'll do bang washes on the go.

Haze: My hair is pretty easy especially because it's short. I don't mind if it has a little kink to it. If I braid it and I take it out, it's still cute. But we do like conditioning. There’s the Shu Umura mask in the tub, called Ultimate Reset. It smells amazing. We'll go for a swim and then sleep in it and then wake up and shower it off. We get blow dries a lot, so for the heat, it's always good to keep it conditioned.

Do you guys feel pressure to match or coordinate when it comes to beauty and fashion?

Haze: No, but I guess it will happen in pictures.

Simi: It happens more by accident. Sometimes we coordinate too much by accident and one of us has to change.

How has your partnership been like on this project?

Simi: We really complement each other in the way that we work together. We always have to come to an agreement, but we're never in a place where we can't really have a conversation about and come to a middle ground. It’s really a play off of each other. I think we've pretty much agreed on everything. We also agree on what we need.

Haze: We see what's missing from beauty and what we want to add to it. It's just so clear to us so there's nothing that is contentious.

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