This $8 Styling Cream Is Responsible For Thriving Curls All Over TikTok

An affordable hair blessing.

More than a place to discover the next viral music sensation, TikTok is a serious treasure trove of beauty finds and tutorials. After previously educating users on the ease of sock curls, and spreading the important word on drugstore makeup trends, beauty TikTok is now enamored with an affordable curl styling cream.

The $8 Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream is at the center of TikTok's latest beauty challenge, #StrictlyCurls. As the name of the challenge would suggest, TikTok users are all about loving their curls, and as many challenge participants have proven, caring for your curls doesn't require breaking the bank.

As part of the challenge — which runs until October 6, offering one lucky winner a year's supply of Marc Anthony hair products — TikTok users are encouraged to try out items from the Marc Anthony curl collection. Under the #StrictlyCurls hashtag, many have shared their impressive post-application hair results. Videos have included once wet hair turning into serious waves, and in another clip, TikTok user Victoria Lyn demonstrates how the product works on straighter hair. To get the looks, users have tried out the brand's curl cream, foam, and lotion, all of which are under $10.

Study up on the social media approved curl method with a selection of #StrictlyCurls videos, below.