Meet The Fairy Butt-Mother Of NYFW

How do the models of Chromat get their butts runway-ready? Bawdy butt masks, of course. Sylwia Wiesenberg, found of Bawdy Beauty and your fairy butt-mother, headed backstage with us during NYFW to talk skin care for our booties.

Wiesenberg pointed out that when we take care of our butts, we so often only focus on the muscle, and not on the skin. Taking that extra step requires going above and beyond with self-care, Wiesenberg says, "If you are taking care of your ass, you have to be selfish. You have to have that extra five minutes of time to feel good."

Get to know more about butt beauty, above.


Shot by Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Edited by Dani Okon

Produced by Alex Hsie