Chance Perdomo Cries To Sheryl Crow In His Alone Time

Chance Perdomo, aka Ambrose Spellman on the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, likes to get plenty naked and plenty emotional when he's finally able to relax at home on his own. Perdomo shared with NYLON that he loves to watch Marvel videos on YouTube in the nude, before eventually spiraling into conspiracy theories and child-birthing videos. The usual! He also dabbles in Naruto, but *definitely* is clothed for that. After that, Perdomo likes to cry to Sheryl Crow and a particularly surprising choice of Disney film.

Find out everything Perdomo likes to do After Hours in the video, above.

Illustrations by: Mina Walker

Directed + edited by: Dani Okon

Shot by: Charlotte Prager + Gretta Wilson

Produced by: Alex Hsie

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