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The Very Best Lindsay Lohan Songs

We mined LiLo’s discography in honor of her birthday.

by Carson Mlnarik

On July 2, 1986, a legend was born. That legend would be Lindsay Lohan, to borrow a turn of phrase from her seminal 2004 Disney flick Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. The actress, singer, and new mom has gone through her fair share of public and private tribulations, but as she embarks on her 38th year, social media’s declaration of a “Lohanissance” has never felt more apt.

After returning to the Disney lot to start production on Freaky Friday 2 with Jamie Lee Curtis in June, the Long Island native has never been more “Back to Me” (also the title of her most recent original single). Though she’s largely refocused on acting, there’s no short supply of bops between the 2020 house-pop track and her pivotal debut single “Rumors,” which still garners airplay in gay clubs across the country.

Celebrate LiLo’s birthday with five noteworthy tracks you may have forgotten about.


This chaste but head-bang-worthy pop-punk number appeared in the credits of 2003’s Freaky Friday as Lohan’s character and her Pink Slip bandmates performed it at her mother’s wedding. Thankfully, the trio (which includes actresses Christina Vidal and Haley Hudson) will apparently reunite in the sequel — though it may be hard to top a lyric as delicious as “You took my heart and put it back together again.” (Fun fact: The line was penned by songwriters Jeff Coplan and Robert Ellis Orrall, the latter of whom later co-wrote a handful of tracks for Taylor Swift’s debut record.)


There’s no shortage of theatrics or thick eyeliner in the second single from Lohan’s first album Speak. While her Disney peers leaned into shinier pop production, the redheaded heroine’s natural rasp lent itself naturally to more angstier, rock-tinged tunes. Our teenage hearts, constantly in catastrophe, never felt more seen.

“I Want You to Want Me”

Lohan’s throbbing and whispered Cheap Trick cover — which appeared on her 2005 sophomore effort A Little More Personal (Raw) — is an oft-forgotten gem in her discography. Co-producer Butch Walker adds an especially frenetic energy to the already obsessive love song, while Lohan puts some lipstick on the pre-chorus, changing the “old brown shoes” lyric to “Shine up my high-heel shoes.”


This Ne-Yo- and Stargate-crafted tune marked a sonic shift for Lohan, trading in buzzing guitars for electro pop synths. But hey, can’t we all be “just a little bossy” sometimes? Despite failing to solidify itself as a 2008 club classic, “Bossy” got a second life when it soundtracked her short-lived MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Oh, Mykonos!

“Drama Queen (That Girl)”

Lohan co-wrote this early-aughts slice of bombastic pop, which she performs in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’s over-the-top finale. We may never know how their high school’s drama department afforded such a high-budget Pygmalion production, but this coming-of-age tune’s chorus still feels like a Y2K anthem. Ironically, in the narrative of Lohan’s redemption arc, its lyrics also seem fitting: “That girl was a wild child dreamer / But she’ll find herself,” she sings, before revealing, “You’ll look back and you won’t believe / That girl was me.”