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Cardi B's Relatable 'Suck It In' Video Is Another Quarantine Content Gem

As always, Cardi keeps it real.

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The old adage "no news is good news" is really hitting different during this time in lockdown. The news is bleak these days; if it's not harrowing numbers of lives lost during the ongoing global pandemic, it's insidious reminders of racism's place in allegedly trustworthy institutions. There is, however, a mild reprieve from the hellscape, and it's thanks to Cardi B and her ongoing efforts to keep us laughing out loud. Cardi has always been unhinged on social media and a champion of the "no filter" state of mind, and it's reached new levels of relatable comedy for some much needed levity. Below, we've highlighted our favorite Cardi quarantine moments to serve as an instant mood lift.

This new chapter began with Cardi's now iconic rant on the coronavirus before it became a full-fledged pandemic. Her cackling "Coronavirus! Coronavirus!" with a wave of baby blue nails was destined to be meme'd and remixed, and she unknowingly provided a soundtrack to the first wave of panic shopping and mask shortages.

With shops shut down until further notice, online retail therapy became the unspoken American pastime alongside watching TV until every thought evaporated from your head. Cardi, a woman of the people, was very much in tune.

Speaking of streaming, Netflix dominated the early days of quarantine culture with the release of its absolutely deranged docu-series Tiger King. The series followed the major players behind the big cat trade in the United States, who all happened to be villains in their own right. One of these key characters was Carole Baskin, a big cat rescuer who may or may not have fed her late husband to her tigers. Homicide aside, Cardi had her finger on the pulse and knew to crack us up with an homage to Baskin's low-key harrowing vlog opening, "Hey all you cool cats and kittens!"

Finally! Someone who presents the realities of the thirst trap economy during a time of seemingly endless snacking. Cardi posed poolside with a simple message: "I suck the shit out of my stomach for this pic so appreciate [it.]"

The CDC recommends covering your mouth and nose with a face mask and Cardi B demonstrates the benefits of suck in life.

Naturally, no Cardi B roundup would be complete without a thoughtful message to the haters.

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