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Charli XCX’s Latest “360” Remix Is A Swedish Invasion With Robyn & Yung Lean

Robyn said what she said: “Started so young I didn’t even have email, now my lyric’s on your booby.”

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Charli XCX is just getting started, and this new “360” remix — featuring none other than Robyn and “Ginseng Strip 2002” rapper Yung Lean — is fresh from its midnight drop.

While we’re still reeling from the cultural reset that was the original “360” music video, which stars a movable feast of hot internet girls from Julia Foxx to Alex Consani to Chloë Sevingy, we’re also busy deep-diving into the latest remix’s catchy, self-referential lines, like Robyn’s “started so young I didn’t even have email, now my lyric’s on your booby.” (Poetry.) The Swedish pop-powerhouse features are just the latest in a growing string of iconic collabs going into Brat: Addison Rae’s pop-girl squeal from the “Von Dutch” remix with A.G. Cook is still ringing in our heads, for example.

Nobody is as attuned with the culture quite like Charli, who cleverly timed Brat’s June 7 release when Pride month, before kicking off Brat Summer, as the pop star has taken to calling the season. “fyi a big part of brat summer is having a reluctant boyfriend who’s frankly over it <<3” says her latest TikTok. But it’s not all vapes and rainbows: In an interview with The Face earlier this year, Charli XCX explained that being a musician is “f*cking twisted and hard,” and that Brat speaks to that.

If you can’t wait a whole seven days to listen to the 15-track release, perhaps you’re lucky enough to live near the dozens of venues that will be hosting early listening parties. And if Troy Sivan’s viral tour clips are any indication, his fall dates with Charli XCX will be for the books.