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Your Head Will Spin With How Many It Girls Star In Charli XCX’s New “360” Video

In which Gabbriette says “it’s about being really hot in, like, a scary way.”

In the most ambitious crossover event in history, Charli XCX has assembled the Avengers of It Girls — including Julia Fox, Chloë Sevigny, Gabbriette, Emma Chamberlain, Rachel Sennott, Chloe Cherry, Alex Consani, Richie Shazam, and many more — to help her release a new song titled “360” on May 10.

The singer, clad in body-con black, walks into a (fictional) trattoria named after a Twitter fan account, according to Reddit, ready to launch into the new track. “Charli, we have to fulfill the prophecy of finding a new, hot internet girl — that’s literally why we’re at dinner,” Gabbriette says when Sennott stops Charli mid-shimmy. “Or else our kind will cease to exist... forever,” Cherry adds (with impeccably timed side-eye).

After a false start when Charli hilariously lands on Fox as the next candidate, the group settles on their unassuming server, who gives “totally waiter vibes,” Sennott says. They then, helpfully, rattle off the requirements of the role: having je ne sais quoi; “being really hot in a scary way,” Gabbriette says; and being known but simultaneously unknowable, Shazam offers to a chorus of assenting murmurs.

Bad behavior ensues, involving a vibration plate, Kool-Aid Man-ing through a wall into some family’s living room, and more hot-girl high jinks. Watch the full video below.