Julia Fox ‘OMG Fashun’ Interview 2024


Julia Fox Has Always Been Drawn To The Freaks

The star’s cutting-edge style is coming to a TV near you.

Julia Fox is living in the year 2067. Or, at least, that’s what it feels like watching her command rising designers to craft bold, groundbreaking outfits using tampon applicators and birthday balloons on OMG Fashun, her new E! competition series, airing May 6.

The show, like Fox, is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. While its fashion-contest component draws easy comparisons to a more sustainability-focused version of Project Runway, its delightful levity is reminiscent of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s early seasons: Models wearing the designs are “Julias,” contestants are “disruptors,” and eliminated parties are effectively “canceled.” Those who can handle the curveballs courtesy of Fox, celebrity stylist Law Roach, and a rotating guest judge win $10,000 — and a chance for Fox to model the winning garb.

Fox is a natural host for the show considering her well-documented love of all things freaky and avant-garde in fashion. “I always have to look in the mirror and be like, ‘Do I look badass?’ And if the answer is no, then I have to change,” she tells NYLON. “It’s a feeling. You just know. It has to be badass.”

Ahead of the release of OMG Fashun, Fox discusses her sartorial foresight, what she’s learned from Roach, and her thoughts on fame.


I like what you said on the show about how once a style is trending, it’s over in your eyes. What’s something in fashion right now that you find tired?

I don’t love quiet luxury or the clean-girl aesthetic. I like clothes to tell a story. I like them to be indicative of who a person is. I think when you’re jumping on every trend that comes along, it shows kind of a lack of authenticity or identity. I’ve always been drawn to the freaks, people that dress crazy. I find that those people are more my cup of tea.

You’re one of the most candid celebrities in culture. What’s the funniest part about fame?

I think probably how people think you’re like an alien. There’s a dehumanization that happens when people become famous. There’s just a very “us and them” mentality, whereas I don’t feel any different, but people view me as different. People are always so surprised when I’m normal. They’re like, “She’s so relatable.” And it’s like, “Yeah, because I’m literally just like you.” It takes some getting used to.

Something my friends and I discuss often is that you’re a textbook Aquarius. How does the ethos of the sign play out in your personal style?

I feel like I’m kind of a chameleon. I like to play dress-up and get into character. I love to try new things. I’m not really that afraid to be different or wear something crazy because I always know my fellow Aquarians will get it — and they do, they always do. But because I’m an Aquarius, I also get bored of things really quickly and then want to move on and go find something new.

It’s hard being 100 years ahead of the curve.

Exactly. I always say that.

I understand.

It’s a blessing and a curse. I feel like it just takes so long for people to catch up.

And you’re like, “I’m so over this” by the time everyone’s caught on.

Or something I would’ve done last year becomes trendy and then I am like, “Dude, what the f*ck? When I did it, you all hated it and now it’s trending.”

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Who are some new designers that you have your eye on?

I am always talking about the Seks boys. They designed my most iconic outfits. I love them so much. I also love Anna Molinari. She’s an upcycling girl I found on TikTok. She’s amazing. Luis de Javier does a lot of latex, and he’s also been behind some of my really iconic looks.

What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve had working with Law Roach?

He can look at something and be like, “Oh, this feels like Helmut Lang from this specific season, this collection.” His brain is an archive of major fashion moments. His passion for it is really infectious. I feel like I learned a lot about fashion history.

Are your fashion references getting stronger now?

Definitely. I feel like I’m always looking forward and not really thinking about what’s been done before, but it is cool to pull up old Galliano or Lee McQueen because a lot of that stuff feels very relevant and current for today. Those men were 100% ahead of their time.

Finally, the girls want to know: When is the song dropping?

Next month. I promise. It’s just a single for now. My first real love in life was music, so maybe I’ll take it a step further, but I’m really busy right now. We’ll see. I’ll try my best.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.