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G-Eazy And Ashley Benson Covered Radiohead's "Creep," For Some Reason

The question is, why?

Celebrities have this syndrome where they think that the average person is waiting with bated breath for them to produce content during a pandemic. It's a sad sight to behold, and unfortunately, G-Eazy is the latest among the afflicted. Along with the help of Ashley Benson, Gerald released a cover of Radiohead's 1993 breakthrough hit track "Creep," and not to be dramatic but it was potentially the last thing we as a society needed at a time like this.

Listening to this cover begs the question: Who asked for this? G-Eazy and Benson's collaboration is not worse than Gal Gadot's doomed "Imagine" cover, but it's definitely up there on the list of cries for attention. G-Eazy turns "Creep" into an airy duet with Benson's falsetto, and also throws in a sample of the Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" beat for some reason. The overall consensus: G-Eazy doesn't belong here.

The rapper expanded his Anglophile cover portfolio to also include The Beatles with a take on the 1968 White Album deep cut, "I'm So Tired." It's an interesting song choice, and G-Eazy is a little more in his element with pitched up vocals, light rap delivery, and a heavy dose of crooning.

Listen to the "Creep" and "I'm So Tired" covers below.