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Gigi Hadid Shared New Photos Of Her Baby Daughter

A tender glimpse of model motherhood.

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The wave of celebrity quarantine babies was among one of the more surprising outcomes of the mandated lockdowns this year, and no infant had more baby buzz than Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's daughter. A top model and a pop star procreating? It's the stuff of every celeb fan-fiction aficionado's dreams!

Hadid announced the pregnancy alongside her 25th birthday back in April, and rode out the trimesters along with baby daddy Malik and her sister, Bella Hadid on her family's Pennsylvania farm. Hadid and Malik have been understandably private about the road to parenthood, only offering select baby bump candids and photoshoot quality pregnancy photos, along with an announcement of their daughter's arrival. We still don't even know the baby's name, which is ultimately a very chic and respectable move. Thankfully, the Hadid-Malik offspring is finally getting a little social media action at two months old with a little Instagram slideshow courtesy of her mom.

The string of photos is idyllic as hell; Hadid gazing off into the distance on her family's Pennsylvania farm wearing the coziest offerings money can buy, her daughter cuddled up close in a trendy cheetah print carrier, spectacular candy-colored sunsets, and Christmas decor done to the nines. "A whole new kind of busy & tired but she’s da bestie so she got Christmas decorations early," wrote Hadid, including a string of lovey-dovey emojis to really hammer in the new maternal bliss. We're happy for her.

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