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Halsey Wants To Make A Pop Punk Album

Ideally with dream collaborators Grimes and Harry Styles.

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If you were cognizant at any point during the early aughts, there's a high chance that you had your very own pop punk phase. The recent resurgence of the genre has felt like a balm to many an elder millennial, it turns out that you never really outgrow feeling misunderstood and angsty. Halsey, who is fresh off featuring on Machine Gun Kelly's turbulent "forget me too" video where she played one-half of a chaotic couple, might be returning to the sound in her new music. She's been nothing but vocal about her love of punk, and confirmed that a punk rock album is on the horizon.

"I do really want to, but it needs to come naturally," she explained to Vogue. "I’ve never sat down before and been like, 'Okay, I want to make this type of album.' The album kind of makes itself. When that time comes, it’ll happen on its own. I definitely need to do it eventually though, because I’m starting to age out of being angsty and punk."

If everything goes according to Halsey's grand plan, she'll hopefully drop a punk rock record and work with her two dream collaborators, Grimes and Harry Styles. "I really want to work with Grimes, because I love her, and I have always loved her. I’m also everyone’s biggest fan. I’m such a fangirl," she explained. "I want to work with Harry Styles. I loved his last record. I’m so proud of him just as a fan and as a peer. He’s a real one. I think we could make something really cool together."

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