Kristen Stewart is looking for the lead of her next film, 'The Chronology of Water'
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Kristen Stewart Is Looking For The Lead Of Her Directorial Debut

Stewart is adapting the queer memoir ‘The Chronology Of Water.’

Kristen Stewart is preparing for her most exciting role yet. The Spencer actress is switching gears and working behind the scenes, as the director of her first feature-length film. The project, titled The Chronology of Water, is a drama derived from Lidia Yuknavitch’s best-selling novel of the same name. According to Stewart, the project has been in the works for a while now, and her team is currently in the casting phase.

In an interview with Variety, Stewart said, “We’ve been putting it together and have been thinking about this for a really long time.” “I’m so stoked,” she continued, speaking about the development process, “It’s taken the time it’s needed. Some of these take a decade to put together. I just jump every gun in my life and start talking about stuff before they’re really relevant, but it’s more relevant than ever.”

Though full casting details haven’t been revealed, Stewart did note they’re currently looking for someone to play Lidia Yuknavitch. The Chronology of Water follows Yuknavitch’s tumultuous life story. Per the synopsis, the novel “weaves an astonishing tale of survival,” through stories of abuse, addiction, self-destruction, and the loss of a stillborn child. After its release in 2010 The Chronology of Water made it onto The New York Times best-seller list, and was revered by fans nation-wide.

Though Stewart is an award-winning actress herself, she’s declined to star in the film. “There’s actually no part for me,” Stewart told Variety, “I could maybe play her older sister but probably not. I keep trying to figure out a way to get in there but I don’t think so.”

Aside from casting, Stewart is taking the film out to investors in the near future. According to the director the upcoming film won’t require a massive budget. “We don’t need that much, it’s a really small movie,” she said. Though it's not a major production, Stewart went on to note that it’s a project she would’ve been excited about in her early-days. “It’s something I would have wanted to be cast in when I was younger,” she said.

Chronology of Water hasn’t released any additional production details yet. While that’s in the works fans of Stewart can prepare to watch her dazzling performance in Spencer, which premiers Friday, November 5th. Stewart stars as the late Princess Dianna in the film, which follows a Christmas Holiday with the royal family, during which Dianna decides to divorce her husband, Charles.