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'Love Island: USA' Will Return For Quarantine-Filmed Season 2

Pandemic love, here we come!

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Let's get one thing straight: Love Island is one of the greatest reality shows of all time. The smash U.K. hit series is a global phenomenon thanks to the foolproof formula of trapping fit, horny singles in a villa together while the public votes on those who stay and those who get dumped from the island. The U.K. version of the show has been cancelled this summer, but in true American fashion, the U.S. based off-shoot of the franchise is soldiering on with a fresh, second season — pandemic be damned!

The U.S. production had to recalibrate due to the whole highly contagious respiratory virus thing. There will be no international exotic island villa for the young hotties this summer, especially since many countries have banned U.S. travelers due to the public health crisis currently raging across the country. Love Island contestants will instead report from Las Vegas strip hotel, which is very American in and of itself!

As reported by Vulture, the boutique hotel the Cromwell is currently closed to the public, which will likely make it easier for Love Island production and contestants to minimize their chances of contracting COVID-19. Everyone on set will be quarantined prior to production, and CBS has vowed that cast and crew will be tested for COVID-19 before and during production, and that crew members will work in pods to limit interaction between them.

Season two returns on August 24 with a two-hour premiere and will air every single night on CBS All Access until its finale. Just like its inaugural season, Love Island will be hosted by Arielle Vandenberg and snarkily narrated by Matthew Hoffman. The entire ordeal sounds dystopic and will probably make for some very dark television. Being horny and dealing with routine nasal swabs and PPE will be, um, interesting to see! Until then, my professional opinion is to watch every British season and relish in the perfection that was.

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