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Maggie Rogers, Billy Porter & Leon Bridges Performed On First Night Of The 2020 DNC

From the rocky Maine coastline to the green screen.

The Democratic National Convention made it through its first night of broadcasts in its first ever fully-digital presentation. As expected, the evening came with multiple pleas to vote for Joe Biden, as well as an impassioned speech from former first Lady Michelle Obama about the continual failures of the Trump presidency while also giving viewers a morsel of a meme — "It is what it is," she said regarding President Trump being unable to meet the moment of the COVID-19 pandemic. The night's musical entertainment also brought the emotion, with Maggie Rogers, Leon Bridges, and Billy Porter performing from across the country.

Rogers came through from the rocky shores of coastal Maine for the performance of her song "Back In My Body," while Leon Bridges and vocalist Terrace Martin took to a sunny rooftop for a quintessentially summertime rendition of “Sweeter.”

The showstopper performance naturally belonged to Billy Porter and his signature huge cape, who ended the night with a green screen duet with Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield and Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The two opted for Buffalo Springfield’s iconic protest song “For What It’s Worth,” making it a dramatic and poignant display with Black Lives Matter imagery, masked protestors, and of course, lots of gesticulation.