Watch HoYeon Jung & Tony Leung Star In NewJeans’ New Music Video

The girl group just dropped off the mysterious “Cool With You” visual.

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NewJeans aren’t just K-pop’s latest global sensation, they’re turning out to be excellent music video purveyors, too (or, at least their creative team is).

Just a week after the five-piece dropped off the viral, summery music video for their song “Super Shy,” which immediately spawned a TikTok dance challenge, fan recreations, and became a pop cultural reference point for those in the know, the group has released yet another visual masterpiece. This time, it’s in the form of a music video for songs “Get Up” and “Cool With You” with two bombshell cameos: HoYeon Jung and Tony Leung.

The joint visual for the songs, two interlude-style tracks that combined reach just over four minutes, arrived Wednesday, July 19, with its two stars as a huge surprise. In the video, directed by Shin Wooseok, HoYeon is the protagonist who spends a nice day with her boyfriend until a twist at the end — triggered by Leung’s sudden appearance — seems to suggest that not everything is as it seems. Interspersed throughout are dance scenes of NewJeans, who perform the two songs back-to-back in all-white get ups that make them appear like ghostly sprites, and who also share a charged moment with HoYeon.

For two otherwise B-side singles — which typically don’t get more than a stylish music video — there’s a surprisingly deep amount of narrative being conveyed in the video. Director Shin Wooseok was also responsible for NewJeans’ striking and narratively charged music videos for “Ditto” and “OMG,” so the continuation here makes sense. But the intentional effort that’s being put into the visual side of NewJeans’ budding discography is pretty notable: this is a girl group who’s clearly intent on weaving meaning and making a statement, not only through their music but in every aspect of their art. At the very least, they’re making their music video rollouts interesting — and these big celebrity gets only prove their rising status as performers.

HoYeon is, of course, most known for her breakout role in Netflix’s Squid Game, and recently also appeared in a music video with The Weeknd. Leung, meanwhile, is a legend in the Asian entertainment business, most known for his starring roles in a slew of films directed by Wong Kar-Wai including In The Mood For Love, and Chungking Express. The Hong Kong actor recently also starred in Marvel’s blockbuster Shang-Chi.

NewJeans is gearing up to release its sophomore mini album, Get Up, on Friday, July 21. “Cool With You” and “Get Up” are the third and fourth singles from the project respectively, following “Super Shy” and opening track “New Jeans.” The two remaining songs, “ETA” and “ASAP,” are also set to receive music videos, presumably arriving soon.

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