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Phoebe Bridgers Gave A Silly Karaoke Performance On 'Late Night'

She turned her living room into a corny karaoke bar.

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Phoebe Bridgers is making the most out of performing at home. She's been promoting the hell out of her very good sophomore album Punisher by doing the late night television circuit and dreaming up weird, albeit memorable, stage set-ups. For starters, she's sang out of her bathtub, and last night she created a karaoke production straight out of a cheesy 80s rom-com for her performance on Stephen Colbert's Late Show.

While singing her melancholic pop hit "Kyoto," Bridgers low-key gave a master class in goofy stage presence. We're talking awkward side steps, finger wags, and microphone twirls galore. It honestly really paired well with her living-room-turned-corny-club decor of glittery curtains, colored lights, and of course, a disco ball. Bridgers also wore the same Halloween skeleton costume donned in the official "Kyoto" video which is cool because it's always great to see people reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Punisher may have been coincided with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic at every turn, but Bridgers has routinely turned her lemons into lemonade. She shot the aforementioned video for "Kyoto" on a green screen to very cute results, and replaced her cancelled 2020 tour dates with a "world tour" in which she traveled from her bed to kitchen and back again. Her silly performance Late Show performance clearly fits in well.

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