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Sasheer Zamata Gets Lost Down #FreeBritney Rabbit Holes, Too

The comedian watches Spears' Instagram for potential clues.

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Sasheer Zamata may be best known for her stint on SNL from 2014-2017, but the comedian is branching out into new territory with her role in Spree, a thriller about the dangers of social media starring Stranger Things' Joe Keery.

While Keery plays an increasingly deranged ride share driver hellbent on gaining internet fame at all costs, Zamata plays one of his unlikely victims, who also happens to be a comedian. The film, which also features cameos from Mischa Barton, Frankie Grande and Lala Kent, is now available for streaming.

Zamata is also currently starring in Hulu's Woke, about a cartoonist who is forced to reckon with the impact of race on his life when he has a bad encounter with the police.

Zamata sat down to do the NYLON Nineteen questionnaire, and revealed some illuminating facts, including her adolescent prescience on the bodysuit trend and her support of the #FreeBritney movement.


What’s your astrological sign?

Taurus (Gemini Rising)


Do you believe in it?

Yes! There are definitely some traits I agree with (and don’t want to agree with), like loyalty, determined, stubborn, bull-headed. But I had a reading with an amazing astrologer, Heidi Rose Robbins, who read my star chart and explained that there’s so much more to astrology than just the sun sign that make me uniquely me, instead of a general “Taurus.”


What is your go-to drink order?

Jameson and ginger beer, or Bulleit on the rocks.


What is your hangover cure?

Sleep and lots of water.


What’s the last internet rabbit hole you went down?

#FREEBRITNEY and whether or not she’s giving us clues with her Instagram posts.


Describe your worst date in 3 words.

Bus to Queens.


If you could be in any music video what would it be?

I would go back in time and be in a Salt-N-Pepa video. They were ALWAYS having fun.


What was your first concert, and what are your memories of it?

I’m pretty sure I saw Raven-Symoné (during the That’s So Raven era) perform at the Indiana State Fair.


What do you remember about it?

I remember Raven was performing her ass off onstage, as if she was in Madison Square Garden. That was admirable. And the show was so fun, I was a big Raven fan and always thought we’d make good friends.


What was your favorite movie as a kid?

A Goofy Movie! The music in it is amazing, and I could relate to the single parent home dynamic in the story. That wasn’t very prevalent in cartoons when I was younger, so I was happy for the representation.


What was your teenage AIM screen name?



What was the meaning behind it?

That I was a beautiful swan...and also a sexy vixen??? Maybe that was my own pre-teen version of lady in the streets/freak in the sheets?


What is the one thing everyone should buy under $10?

White vinegar, it cleans everything!


What piece of clothing from high school do you which you kept?

I have a whole outfit I still think about. I had a boat neck, black and white striped body suit that snapped at the bottom that I paired with faded black denim wide-leg gauchos. And when I wore them to school, kids MERCILESSLY ridiculed me. At that time, it was uncool to wear pants above your ankles. Anything that landed between capris and pants were forbidden. And I remember I had a friend who tried to help me out and suggested that I untuck my shirt and maybe that would make it better, and I was like “BUT THIS IS A BODYSUIT!” It was an awful day, but now I think back on that outfit and I’m like, “Woah, I must’ve looked amazing, I can’t believe I let those idiots make me think otherwise.” I wish I still had that outfit so I could rock it today.


What reality show would you most like to appear on?

I’ve been obsessed with Tiny House Nation lately. I don’t know if I’d want to live in a tiny house, but I’d want to see how they could arrange all my stuff in there and convert the furniture. It’s like Tetris the way they organize everything.


What is your best beauty tip or trick?

A shot of liquid aloe vera every day for that GLOW.


What is your coffee order?

I don’t drink coffee! Never have. I think my mom scared me out of it when I was younger because she said it stains your teeth and stunts your growth. Which I’m sure was supposed to be a deterrent so I don’t drink coffee in my youth, but it stuck with me for the rest of my life.


What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own and why?

My Tevas! They are SO comfy. I’m always looking for a shoe with good arch support. And I love feeling strapped into a shoe. I have narrow feet, and if I’m wearing mules or something backless, I’m gonna slip right out of that bish. So I love having a shoe that will stay with me.


What are your favorite thrillers?

Get Out. Jordan Peele really changed the game with that one. Basically created a new horror/comedy genre. I remember watching that in theaters and it was the most reactive crowd I’ve been a part of in a theater. Truly thrilling.

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