Here are 10 shows like Gossip Girl streaming right now to tide you over
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10 Shows Like Gossip Girl To Stream, From Elite To NYC Prep

From rich kids behaving badly to teens being terrorized by omniscient stalkers, these shows capture the essential essence of ‘Gossip Girl.’

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It didn’t take long for HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot to take its predecessor’s crown as the show on everyone’s lips — and just as it was with the original mid-aughts teen drama, viewers are finding it harder and harder to wait a week in between new episodes. Luckily, there are plenty of other teen shows that capture some of Gossip Girl’s essential essence. So whether you want to see more rich kids behaving badly or are thirsty for more stories about teens being terrorized by omniscient stalkers, we have you covered with ten shows like Gossip Girl that are worth your time.

All American (Netflix)

Following a promising Black football player who leaves his South L.A. hometown to play amongst the rich white kids of Beverly Hills High, All American shares Gossip Girl’s outsider-looking-in ethos while also being noticeably more diverse and realistic in its depiction of teen life.

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