Nakhane Knows We "Need A Pop Star With Acne Scars"

Pop star on-the-rise Nakhane takes what could be perceived as flaws, like acne scars, and finds a beautiful silver lining. In this edition of Face Forward, Nakhane walks us through his beauty routine and talks about how his relationship with makeup changed, showing us just how he achieves his "dangerous" jawline with a bit of contour. He also reminds us that should be doing "whatever the fuck we want" to our face, because it's ours.

Get to know the singer and pick up a few tips in the video, above. His U.S. debut album, You Will Not Die, is set to be released this Friday, February 22.

Camera: Charlotte Prager + Gretta Wilson

Edited by: Rosalina Merrihue

Produced by: Alexandra Hsie