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Avril Lavigne’s Style Hasn’t Changed Much In 20 Years

The singer fills NYLON in on her tour style and her Metallica-T-shirt obsession.

by Kevin LeBlanc

With the industry and fanbase pressure to switch up sounds (and styles) for every album release, it’s a true feat to have a signature look as a musician. That’s why Avril Lavigne is a true fashion unicorn: She’s stayed true to her punk-rock aesthetic since she first burst onto the music scene more than 20 years ago. For her Greatest Hits Tour, the artist worked with long-time collaborator and designer Ashton Michael to make stage-ready pieces replete with fringe and fishnet in her signature color palette of black, white, and pops of neon.

To help perfect her tour aesthetic, Lavigne used Pinterest — which just launched a new Board Sharing feature for easy exploration on other social platforms like Instagram and TikTok — to create a board rounding up her most recognizable stage outfits. (You’ll also notice plenty of studded leather bracelets, cropped hoodies, plaid miniskirts, and ripped tights.) In between tour stops, Lavigne caught up with NYLON to talk about her favorite Y2K trend, her musical icons, and the band she wants to make a Pinterest board.

How has working on Pinterest boards made the creative process for your tour looks easier?

All my tour looks were created by Ashton Michael, who is an incredible designer as well as a great friend. When I told him about doing the Greatest Hits Tour, he was on it and completely nailed it. What I use my Pinterest boards for is the styling and how to complete the looks. It is so helpful to be able to type an idea into the search bar, pin it to a board, and then start to see everything come together.

What’s one accessory you’ll never be on stage without?

My Swarovski-crystallized synthesizer mic and mic stand.

What past tour looks of yours are most memorable?

I feel like my whole style onstage for my first tour was really memorable. I was wearing these baggy low-rise jeans, big belt buckles, a tank top, and, of course, the tie!

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As your fans grow up with you, is there a fashion trend from the 2000s you still love today?

I love those colorful jelly bracelets and studded bracelets. I have been wearing those onstage almost nightly.

You’ve inspired a whole generation of female performers. Who inspired you when you first started out?

Growing up in Canada, I was really inspired by Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain. Both incredible songwriters, musicians, and women who rocked.

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Is there another artist you’d love to see make a Pinterest board of their inspo?

Metallica. I love their vintage T-shirts, and they are one of my favorite bands. I had the chance to perform on MTV Icon: Metallica. There’s nothing like meeting your idols and having a positive experience. They are all a bunch of great guys. I would love to see their Pinterest boards!

What’s the best fan recreation of one of your looks you’ve seen on tour thus far?

A lot of people are wearing tank tops and ties in the audience of our tour. We have a whole “Sk8er Boi” T-shirt and tie in our merch, so it’s fun to see that in the crowd.