The 11 Best (& Cutest) AirPod Max Covers

For personalizing your tech on every budget.

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If there’s one thing the return of Y2K style has made clear it’s that minimalism is out and hyper-personalization is back in. Stickers, bows, and an abundance of glitter are having their moment in the sun, and that includes tech. When Apple’s celeb-loved Apple AirPod Max headphones rocked TikTok and the fashion crowd in 2022, it sparked its own customization cottage industry: Girls filmed TikTok how-tos on tying ribbons to the bands, while covers became a new market for indie fashion brands like Prayingg and big-name labels alike — and it’s only gotten bigger in 2024.

Founder Devon Lee Carlson of Wildflower Cases, one of the first to enter the market, tells NYLON that the brand’s AirPod Max covers continue to be one of their top-selling items. Meanwhile on Instagram, avant-garde designers like XTENDED iDENTiTY are using them to explore the cutting edge of 3D-printing (and selling out). Below, find NYLON’s picks for the best AirPod max cases to make the “It” headphones your own.

Sweet Cherries AirPods Max Cover

The ‘00s-remniscent, air-brushed design on Wildflower Cases’ latest AirPod Max cover drop strikes the perfect chord between sweet and edgy.

Celine Kwan Headphone Flower Cover

For bolder types, transcend the 2D realm with these loral covers designed by Celine Kwan in collaboration with Casetify.

Cinnamoroll x Sonix Silicone AirPods Max Cover

Throw your Sonny Angels in your bag, put your Miffy keychain on, and slap these Sanrio Cinnamoroll covers onto your AirPod Maxes for an OOTD for the ages.

Crochet AirPods Max Cover

Coquette bows? Delicate crochet? These snuggly covers from Urban Outfitters were made for the girl. We say that in the best way possible.

Praying White Ribbon Headphone Covers

Run — don’t walk — to buy bicoastal brand Prayingg’s ribboned discs of fluffy joy while they’re still on sale.

Fluffy Earmuffs AirPods Max Case

The function-over-form dressers will find these earmuff covers to be a two-bird-with-one-stone situation: They’ll keep your ears warm while hiding the fact you’re wearing Apple AirPod Maxes at all.

Daydream Green Flowers AirPods Max Case

The daintest flowers you’ve ever seen cover this refreshingly verdant cover from the fashion tech brand Burga. But if you aren’t feeling this design, there are 50 other varieties to choose from, each for the very reasonable price of $30.

Solani Star Headphone Charm Set

Every time Solani releases a new drop of their highly coveted headphone charms — available as stars or angel wings — they immediately sell out. With its efficient delight-to-footprint ratio (they’re more or less stickers), we’re not surprised.

Silicone Combo Kit Case In Green

Sometimes, you just want a subtle change for your AirPod Maxes, and this three-piece kit, in a serene spring green, delivers.

Bow AirPod Max

For those who have more coins to spare and a curiosity for eye-catching drama, consider these 3D-printed clip-on charms from XTENDED iDENTiTY that feel more like wearable art pieces.

Shooting Star Moon Sliver

Yet another statement accessory, this clip-on pair from online brand EvoTunes feels like Power Puff Girls and Steven Universe but grown up.