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Chase Sui Wonders Stars In Madewell’s Fall 2022 Denim Campaign

The on-the-rise star spoke with NYLON about all things fashion and making friends in Hollywood.

Not only is Chase Sui Wonders one to watch in Hollywood, but she’s also on the rise as a fashion darling. The Bodies Bodies Bodies star has sat front row at fashion week, walked the red carpet dressed in Dior, Miu Miu, and Chanel, and most recently, landed her latest campaign for Madewell.

“I've been a longtime fan of Madewell. My first big purchase were Madewell jeans — that was the thing I wanted to buy for myself with my first paycheck,” Wonders tells NYLON. “I just love how clothes feel good and make you feel confident. They aren't too fussy and they make you feel strong, powerful, and easy in yourself.”

Wonders modeled the brand’s newly-launched Fall 2022 denim collection alongside fellow actors Kiersey Clemons, Charlbi Dean, and Lukas Gage, as they showcased the vintage-inspired pieces and Madewell’s debut Slouchy Boyjean across New York City.

“It was such a fun shoot. We were all laughing and dancing. And Cass Bird, who was the photographer, she's so larger than life. The photographer's energy always trickles down to every part of set. It was a dream,” says Wonders. “Also, I like to shoot in New York and run around the streets of the city. That's my favorite thing. It was the best.”

Cass Bird

Ahead, NYLON spoke with Chase Sui Wonders about all things fashion, fall shopping, navigating the industry alongside her Hollywood peers, and more.

You've done a few fashion gigs for a while now. How did your interest in fashion first start and how you would describe your personal style now?

Well, my aunt [Anna Sui] is in fashion, but I grew up as a big, big tomboy. I would wear the same hockey sweatshirt every day. I was just in my uniform all day, every day, and never really deviated from that. But as I've grown older, I've just started to gravitate towards things that are fun and don't take themselves too seriously. I like to have fun with fashion; it's cool. I love how fashion becomes like an extension of your personality or a kind of a canvas to display your personality.

So I've definitely moved away from that sort of style and I've done a few of these things in the fashion world. Sometimes when you go on a fashion set, it can be scary or intimidating, but everyone that's part of the Madewell family is so the opposite of that. It transcends that sort of stereotype. I think it goes back to how I like to approach fashion; you don't take yourself too seriously. You have fun and kind of empower yourself through it, and things that make you feel confident.

Do you have the same approach when it comes to your red carpet style? How is that different from your everyday personal style?

With red carpet style, I think of it as a performance but I like to maintain an aspect of myself and just what I am comfortable in. I love dressing up. I think it can be so fun, especially things like red carpet events, which I feel are like a celebration. I love marking them with special dresses or looks that feel kind of inspired. I mean, that's so much of what acting is — that stepping into a different skin, and rising to the occasion and rocking it. I treat red carpets like mini-characters that you can step into for the evening and commemorate something amazing.

With your Madewell campaign geared for fall, are you looking ahead to fall trends or anything that you're excited to wear for next season?

I love a good sweater and a good jacket. My closet is mostly jackets and then tank tops. I love loud and wild jackets. I'm excited to get back to New York and experience some fall weather.

I don't necessarily follow trends. If anything, I love to avoid them. I more so like to gravitate towards what speaks to me and makes me feel happy at the time. But I'm excited to bring my fall boots back out. I love boots, especially platform boots. I think they make me taller and I like the click-clack on the sidewalk.

Is there anything from the Madewell shoot that you really liked wearing?

There were these flared jeans that I wore with this brown knit vest that I loved so much. I just love the full look. I'm getting older and it just felt like really grown up — and not really sexy and young. I just love outfits that make you feel confident in yourself, and just have that sort of playfulness while also being put-together and reserved. Outfits that are a little contradictory. But that was one of my favorite looks from the campaign.

Cass Bird

Do you shop for the new season or are you more of an on-the-whim shopper?

I don't really plan. I mean, I feel like there are pieces that I wear out from my wardrobe and then I think of what holes are in my wardrobe. I recently wanted light green khakis, and then suddenly, I found them — it's like a Whack-A-Mole. Things will pop up that are in the back of your mind. I'm not a compulsive shopper. I don't love to shop all the time, only when I know the pieces are going to be staples of my wardrobe.

Are you an online shopper or do you prefer in-person?

I'm not an online shopper. I don't really like to buy clothes online. Unless it's jewelry or shoes, I guess that's different. But I love the whole sensory experience of shopping at a store and feeling the fabrics, trying it on, and seeing how you feel.

Are you working on anything new right now? Do you have any end-of-summer plans?

I'm doing this movie now, which I don't think I can talk about, but it's with another super cool cast. There are so many cool young actors that I always like to work with like I was on the Bodies set. And now I'm doing it again on a different set. That all feels like such a gift.

I'm also going to lay on a beach in the sun at the end of August, which is nice. And then get back to New York and start another job. I’m also working on my own writing with some amazing, amazing producers.

You're definitely part of this young, on-the-rise Hollywood crew, and you’re also getting the chance to work alongside so many of them, too. How is it meeting these people and navigating the industry together?

It's really cool. It feels like there's so much camaraderie. I mean, obviously, there are all kinds of people and you find your tribe. Some people are for you, and some people aren't as much. But I think it's cool because everyone's been so kind. It's awesome to have this universal thing in common, which is the love of acting, making movies, and storytelling. And it's awesome to just kind of know people, and then finally connect with them and have so much mutual respect. It feels really special. It feels like it's a dream, sort of. This mix-and-mingle of meeting all these people. I've been lucky to make a lot of solid friends along the way.

See the rest of Madewell’s Fall 2022 denim campaign, below, and shop the collection online now.

Photos by Cass Bird
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