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7 Cottagecore Outfit Ideas For Any Personal Style

This popular aesthetic is proving to be timeless, too.

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It’s undeniable that the past year of a digital-first lifestyle has created the perfect storm for the rise of online aesthetics. And the most influential of all thus far? Cottagecore.

If you’re not familiar, this aesthetic is the ultimate romanticization of the simple life (and not the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie early-aughts version — IYKYK). This trend started to take off on Tumblr, well before COVID, with soft imagery of life on the farm and endless fields of flowers to fresh-picked fruit and isolation in the woods. In 2020, when there wasn’t much to do besides bake sourdough bread and picnic in the park, the embodiment of this online aesthetic went from pure fantasy to IRL. Its case for popularity rides on the foundation that, well, it’s simple and anyone can channel it, from lifestyle to fashion choices.

When it comes to style, the cottagecore aesthetic provides the perfect balance of ease and beauty. On TikTok, the hashtag #cottagecorefashion has more than 14 million views that include dreamy videos of floral frocks, cozy knits, and light-wash denim dressed up with ruffled peasant blouses. Brands like Batsheva and Hill House have driven this trend, but the look goes far beyond breezy dresses and can be adapted for a lifestyle that’s maybe not so simple, too.

From a handful of stylish influencers who’ve embraced the look, discover a variety of cottagecore aesthetic outfits that works for you. Plus, shop our picks for options that can take this style from summertime into fall.

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Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 1: Cozy Cardigan Set (With Dainty Jewelry)

The perfect way to transition the cottagecore aesthetic into the cooler months is with cozy knits. To keep the vibes right, opt for a cardigan set in muted shades, like sage, mauve, or a butter yellow.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 2: Embroidered Sweater Vest (And Denim Skirt)

Sweater vests can go far beyond a preppy look by integrating floral embroidery and textured details; it will read “field of flowers” rather than “country club.” Pare it back with a rigid denim piece, whether that’s a mini skirt or your favorite pair of jeans, for a juxtaposed feel.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 3: Cowboy Boots (And A Babydoll Dress)

Another ultra-trendy (in a good way) must-have? Cowboy boots. The contrasting feel of a babydoll dress with Western boots creates an unexpected and seasonless look that anyone can pull off.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 4: Romantic Midi Dress (With Drop Earrings)

Excuse us as we fall in love with romantic dresses this season. A midi-length style with delicate details is truly a classic, but if a frilly frock isn’t quite your vibe, edge it up with chunky moto boots and a leather jacket.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 5: A Statement Collared Dress (And Sandals)

Statement collars were a staple on the Fall 2021 runways but they don’t have to be over the top. The most approachable way to style a collar of this caliber is by letting it steal the show. Keep the rest of your outfit simple by opting for minimalistic footwear and accessories.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 6: Light-Wash Denim (With A Headscarf)

Light-wash denim is the ideal way to translate the cottagecore aesthetic if a streetwear feel is more fitting of your personal style. Keep it cool on the bottom with distressed denim and sneakers while integrating pretty details, like a floral print top and pastel headscarf.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit No. 7: Overalls (And A Baby Tee)

Nothing says #cottagecorefall quite like dungarees (or overalls, call them what you may). Pair this with a babydoll tee and sneakers for an easy, throw-and-go outfit for the changing seasons ahead and plenty of days spent outdoors.

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