Daisy Edgar-Jones for the Simone Rocha x H&M campaign.
Tyler Mitchell/Courtesy of H&M


Daisy Edgar-Jones On Her Personal Style And Starring In Simone Rocha's H&M Campaign

"I would love to constantly live in Simone's aesthetic."

As the first Irish designer to collaborate with H&M, it only made sense that Simone Rocha had one the biggest breakout names from the Ireland-based series Normal People star in the collection's new campaign, which debuted on Monday, March 1.

British actress Daisy Edgar-Jones showcased Rocha's ethereal designs alongside singer Kelsey Lu, models and sisters Adwoa and Kesewa Aboah, and more at the Great Dixter House in East Sussex, England. If you're looking to take your cottagecore-leaning wardrobe to the next level, then this collection, complete with plenty of puffy sleeves, princess-like silhouettes, and dreamy prints and fabrics, will do just that.

Below, Edgar-Jones spoke with NYLON about the Simone Rocha x H&M campaign and collection, Marianne's much-admired style in Normal People, and clothing pieces that she's been loving (and rediscovering) lately.

What was it like shooting the Simone Rocha x H&M campaign?

It was a really special day! I had so much fun working with such a friendly and inspiring team of people. They took such good care of us all and we lucked out on the weather and getting to run around wearing this gorgeous collection.

What was it like wearing the collection?

Wearing the collection was a joy. I loved seeing Simone's world come to life and all the different clothes and characters within it. I would love to constantly live in Simone's aesthetic.

Do you have any favorite pieces from the collaboration and how would you wear them?

One of my favorite pieces was this beautiful netted skirt, which they paired with a shirt and sparkly bralette. It was so cool. I think I would take the shirt and bralette and wear it with jeans and boots, or take the skirt and wear it with a T-shirt for a more casual look. Although, really, I think when it's all together it's just a stellar outfit.

Tyler Mitchell/Courtesy of H&M

A lot of people admired Marianne's wardrobe in Normal People. Did you have the same reaction and do you have a similar style as the character?

Marianne's wardrobe was such a fun discovery! I was so in awe of our costume designer Lorna [Marie Mugan]'s talent. She really helped me track the development of Marianne growing up and her changing relationship with her sense of self through the clothes I was in. Most of the clothes were tailored pieces found in vintage and charity shops. I similarly love finding unique pieces like Marianne, though I think my style would be a little more influenced by trends than hers.

How would you describe your personal style and do you have any fashion influences?

My style is constantly changing. Some days I'm in nothing but dresses, fun earrings, and shoes, and other days I am all for simple jeans and vintage T-shirts. I am also a sucker for coats and jackets. I think if you have nailed that then you can really wear anything and your outfit will look good.

Your latest red carpet appearances have been both online and IRL. What's your approach when it comes to what to wear?

I'm very lucky to work with a brilliant stylist Nicky Yates. She's amazing at pulling out pieces for me she knows I'll be drawn to. I think my approach is very much to try everything on and see what springs out to me on that day. When it comes to online appearances, neckline and sleeves really come into play, and when it's IRL, it can be a bit more about the piece as a whole. But I love the process of trying things on.

What have been some outfits or clothing items that you've been loving lately?

A red cropped Chanel sweater is a fave of mine with a good pair of jeans. I also love re-styling pieces in my wardrobe I've had for years, like my white '60s shift dress, which was a gift when I was 16. I've discovered lots of fun ways to style it.

What's next for you?

I'm currently filming in Vancouver and then I'm off to New Orleans to film the adaption of the book Wear the Crawdads Sing, which I'm very excited for!

See more of the Simone Rocha x H&M campaign, below. The collection will be available to shop on Thursday, March 11.

Tyler Mitchell/Courtesy of H&M
Tyler Mitchell/Courtesy of H&M
Tyler Mitchell/Courtesy of H&M
Tyler Mitchell/Courtesy of H&M