American singer Dixie D'Amelio posing in a dress, with her two favourite pairs of shoes


Dixie D’Amelio Has A Sneaker With Puma Coming Soon

The singer shares her favorite sneakers and memories.

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Dixie D’Amelio may be snagging fashion and beauty deals while juggling her music career and a massive TikTok following, but the singer and social media star’s partnership with Puma is extra special, as it taps into her longtime appreciation for sneakers.

“I’ve always loved sneakers,” D’Amelio tells NYLON. “I played a lot sports growing up and was always outside, so I was normally wearing sneakers. As I get older, my love for sneakers just continues to grow, especially as my love for fashion and putting outfits together grows. Now as an adult, I view sneakers as more of a hero piece than just something I have for the gym.”

One of D’Amelio’s first memories of really wanting a specific pair of shoes actually came from Puma and its collaboration with Rihanna back in 2015. “I wanted Rihanna’s Puma Creepers so badly,” she recalls. “Rihanna is an icon in anything she wears, but these were the coolest sneakers at the time. My parents surprised me with them for Christmas that year and they were by far my favorite gift.”

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Since joining Puma as its women’s ambassador and face of the brand in 2021, D’Amelio now has the chance to design her own sneaker, which is set to drop later this year, along with a full collection.

“Working with Puma has been such privilege and I’m so grateful for this opportunity, says D’Amelio. “Their team gives me a lot of creative freedom, which is super refreshing. So many people I look up to have had really cool campaigns with them so to be here doing the same thing is still so mind-blowing.”

Ahead, Dixie D’Amelio shared some of her favorite sneakers right now and what’s next for her and Puma. Read on for more.

Sneaker Stories: Puma Mayze Classic Sneaker

“I’ve been wearing the Puma Mayze during all of my Jingle Ball rehearsals, which has been such an exciting journey for me. For rehearsals, I’ve typically been staying with sweats since I’m doing both dancing and singing. The Mayze sneakers are great because they pair with everything, from jeans to sweats, and the platform makes them more of a lifestyle sneaker, which I love.”

Sneaker Stories: Valentino One Stud Low-Top Nappa Sneaker

“I think more people now are ‘dressing up’ sneakers than before. My favorite is wearing a cool platform sneaker on a night out. I once wore a pair of Valentino sneakers to a Met Gala after party, which was so cool. I felt like it was super unique for the night and I loved how we paired it with a rainbow-colored dress.”

Sneaker Stories: Dixie D’Amelio’s Collab Sneaker With Puma

“I have a shoe with Puma coming out that I can’t wait for everyone to see because it’s literally me in a sneaker. It’s been really fun working with Puma the past several months on the design process and being able to have input on what I like in a sneaker. I created my own logo and I am super excited to share it with everyone, keep your eyes peeled in 2022!”

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