Courtesy of Levi's


Emma Chamberlain And Levi's Want Everyone To Thrift

It’s always the right season to thrift.

Emma Chamberlain has lent her thrifting skills to Levi’s for its new “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign. Chamberlain frequently uploads videos to her YouTube channel of her thrifting hauls, as well as her own tips on how to thrift like a pro. Now, she’s teamed up with the denim brand to spread the message even wider.

“Leaving the world in a better place than when we found it means to just do your part personally,” Chamberlain said in her Levi’s video. “Ever since I started getting into fashion, thrifting has been my favorite resource to build my closet. There’s something creative about it. There’s no trend racks, there’s no guidelines.”

Levi’s has already been taking steps to become more sustainable over the past year. Last October, the brand launched its first buyback program, offering customers to sell back their denim to be repurposed for future pieces. In August 2020, Levi’s also teamed up with Ganni to launch a rental-only collection of upcycled denim pieces and vintage 501 jeans.

“Ultimately, Levi’s denim is meant to be worn for generations, not seasons. So we are also using this campaign to encourage consumers to be more intentional about their apparel choices: to wear each item longer, for example, to buy secondhand, or to use our in-store Tailor Shops to extend the life of their garments,” Jennifer Sey, Brand President of Levi’s, said in an official statement. “As a company that has celebrated pioneers and aspired to bring inventive environmental solutions to the market, we saw our voice in these young leaders.”

Check out Chamberlain’s full video for Levi’s, below.