The Best Outfits From ‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Episode 5.
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The Best Outfits from Euphoria’s “Stand Still Like The Hummingbird” Episode

The most riveting episode of the season had some great looks, too.

Though it was rumored on social media that Euphoria would take a drastic turn on Sunday night, nothing could’ve prepared us for the chaos from its most riveting episode of the season yet. As we see Rue reach an ultimate low in her addiction and some unlikely twists, the fashion moments in this episode were subtly there, too.

From Rue’s oversized graphic tee to Lexi’s twee-inspired outfit, check out our roundup of the best outfits from Euphoria’s fifth episode, titled “Stand Still Like The Hummingbird,” ahead.

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Episode 5: Rue Bennett

Oh, Rue. It was so hard to see her spiral to unimaginable lows. In the opening scene, she was seen wearing a charcoal Andrew 2wo2imes T-shirt with navy joggers and Converse sneakers.

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Episode 5: Jules Vaughn

During a heated confrontation with Rue, Jules wore a baggy gray hoodie with cutout details on the sleeves, along with sweatpants and sneakers.

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Episode 5: Elliot

Elliot was also there as a witness, wearing a navy and red bomber jacket with denim jeans and Converse sneakers.

Episode 5: Gia Bennett

During Rue’s breakdown, her sister Gia sported a cropped blue polo top from Urban Outfitters, with pants from Stüssy and Puma sneakers. She also wore a “G” ring from Frasier Sterling and hair clips from Claire’s.

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Episode 5: Lexi Howard

Lexi’s twee-inspired aesthetic continues. In this episode, she wore a black “L” embroidered sweater with a lace Peter Pan collar, as well as a plaid skirt and black loafers.

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Episode 5: Suze Howard

During Rue’s intervention, Cassie and Lexi’s mom wore a Juicy Couture teal velour tracksuit with a black tank top and a gold necklace.

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Episode 5: Kat Hernandez

While a certain someone’s secret is unveiled, Kat wore a tiger-striped mesh top with black pants and silver lock earrings.

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Episode 5: Maddy Perez

Maddy was taken aback after hearing the surprising news in a blue fishnet tank top styled with a black bodysuit and black mules.

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Episode 5: Cassie Howard

Cassie faces Maddy’s (rightfully deserved) wrath in a cropped pink hoodie, which she wore with denim jeans and white sneakers.

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